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An online quiz tool or an online quiz app can be compared in terms of the basic principle with a classic offline quiz, with the difference that it takes place online. In contrast to a classic quiz, depending on the type, many additional functions such as a detailed evaluation or playful elements are integrated into the online quizzes.

Online quiz tools are used in the classroom at various school levels, including adult education. But companies are also increasingly using online quiz apps to deepen and review the learning content taught. Of course, online quizzes are also used in leisure time.

The most important advantages of online quiz tools are the time and place-independent use as well as the efficiency in the implementation and evaluation of learning success controls. If playful elements in the sense of gamification are integrated in the online quiz app, there is also a higher fun factor.

What should the online quiz tool be used for?

When evaluating an online quiz app, it depends on what it is used for. When it comes to using an online quiz once at a birthday party, the demands are of course less high than when the application is used regularly in a school or in a company. In professional use, for example, functionality, security, evaluation options and support play a greater role than in occasional use in leisure time.

How good is the stability of the online quiz tool?

The online quiz app should work with the highest possible stability, no matter how many players are currently using the application. This is continuously monitored with professional tools and optimized if necessary.

How reliable is the functionality of an online quiz app?

The reliability of the functions is usually a question of programming. If this is carried out professionally and with foresight with regard to further expansion steps, there are hardly any problems with the functionality.

What about security and data protection?

How well is the application protected from external attacks? Are the guidelines of the EU General Data Protection Regulation complied with?

How good is the user experience like handling (usability) and design?

Is the login, the start of a quiz, the answering of questions, the evaluation etc. intuitive, user-friendly and self-explanatory? This point is certainly one of the greatest challenges in all applications, regardless of whether it is an online quiz app or accounting software. In a professional environment, schools and companies often need the design of the online quiz tool to be adapted to their own CI (example: integration of the school or company logo).

Comparison of 3 online quiz tools / online quiz apps

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Small learning units (quizzes) on the smartphone are valuable

How many types of question-and-answer can be used in the online quiz?

The choice of questions and answers contributes to the quality and attractiveness of an online quiz. Possibilities such as right or wrong, one correct answer with a maximum of eight answers, several correct answers with eight answer options, the assignment of answers and the formation of sequences should be available in a professional online quiz tool.

Can pictures and videos also be added to the questions and answers?

Depending on the question, a picture or a video can be used as a starting point. This can be a sight of a city, combined with the question “In which city is this sight located?”. A company could show a new process in a video. The participants of the online quiz tool are given the task of correctly presenting the course of the new process in the form of a sequence.

In addition to the self-study version, can exciting live or ad hoc quizzes be carried out with the online quiz app?

There are online quizzes which are carried out spontaneously after a lesson to deepen the subject matter, to increase learning motivation or to monitor learning success. At eduGames, the variants car, horse or boat races are available. Individuals or groups can compete against each other within a live game, which increases the tension while playing.

Suitability for mobile devices

Although an optimization of the display for mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones should be a matter of course today, it is advisable to check whether the design is consistent and the functionality is guaranteed on mobile devices.

Multilingual user guidance

For companies that operate internationally, it is important that the user guidance is possible in the most important languages. Of course, depending on the target group, English could be sufficient as the language, but there are always target groups for whom the corresponding mother tongue is better received.


A big advantage of an online quiz app is the quick evaluation of the results. What can take a few hours with classic offline exams is done in less than a second using online quiz tools. A detailed evaluation according to class or group, according to questions or individual persons should be possible.

Gamification: playful elements

In order to increase the attractiveness of an online quiz tool, playful elements such as feedback, points, achievements, rewards, awards, progress indicators, rankings, etc. should be integrated. Such elements are particularly helpful for the self-study versions in order to increase the participants' motivation to learn.

Interfaces to other applications

If the online quiz app is used regularly and in a professional environment, depending on the requirements, it can make sense to transfer the results of online quizzes to other applications such as company software or a learning platform via IT interfaces. This can be the case if the learning progress or the learning success control is regularly recorded and analyzed.


For simple applications, a small manual is sufficient; for more extensive and professional apps, higher demands are placed on the support. Ideally, with professional tools, support is possible in the national language and, if necessary, on site. For example, responsible persons from companies or teachers can be optimally introduced to a corresponding application.


As everywhere, the price depends on the functional scope of the app. Many online quizzes with limited functionality are free. If higher demands have to be met in the professional field, an online quiz tool can cost a hundred or a few thousand francs per year.

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