Is Razer overpriced

Typically Razer completely overpriced.

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  1. Typically Razer completely overpriced.

    Author: xPandamon 17.07.19 - 16:52

    Well, the title says it all. Much too expensive for what is on offer. "Only" a 2070 Max-Q and 16GB RAM, plus a small 500GB SSD. That's really laughable for 2600 €. The display resolution is "only" with Full HD, WQHD would be great with the existing performance. You can easily get a comparable PC for a good half and yes, I know, PCs and notebooks cannot be compared, but it shows how much you are paying on top for no reason.

    PS: After a little research, other gaming notebooks seem just as ridiculously overpriced. Oh man. You really have to shit money to spend so much for so little.

    PPS: If you can spend that much, you still have reserves.
    The part is bigger but generally better. The 2TB SSD storage alone is worth the extra charge. You won't get by for long with the measly 500GB on the Razer.

    Edited 1 time, last on 17.07.19 16:55 by xPandamon.

  2. Re: Typically Razer, completely overpriced.

    Author: tomato11 17.07.19 - 17:44

    xPandamon wrote:
    You can get a comparable PC for well
    > Half loosely put together and yes I know you can do PCs and notebooks
    > nciht compare, but it shows thick how much you get here for no reason
    > pays extra.

    You already say that you can't compare it, but to make it clearer again: You are not comparing apples with pears, but apples with yoghurt. Makes no sense?! Exactly!

    The device is not aimed at desktop users, but at people who want to have a decent gaming performance on the go. Sure, Razer isn't exactly the cheapest, but it's also a premium brand. After all, you're not complaining that a Mercedes is twice as expensive as a Renault.

  3. Re: Typically Razer, completely overpriced.

    Author: Dried fruit 20.07.19 - 12:40

    xPandamon wrote:
    > To be ridiculously overpriced. Oh man. You really have to have money
    > shit to spend so much for so little.

    There are people who don't feel like having a stationary computer and want to play a round of Doom Eternal at Grandma, who now has vectoring, on the weekend.

    My new Ryzen workstation cost 1200 € (lots of RAID m2e).
    The work laptop with 16GB storage and m2e SSD 1200 € (and that was the cheapest in December)

    Then we are already at € 2,400 for the basic equipment.

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