How much schizoids hate each other

Test: Am I Schizoid?

Are you very imaginative and at the same time an absolute loner? Are you struggling to succeed at work, financially, and in relationships? Is that why your quality of life is bad? That is what psychologists would call a schizoid personality.

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The Schizoid Personality Disorder | Better Call Casy

The psychological advisor and alternative practitioner for psychotherapy gives an insight into the thinking, feeling and behavior of those affected in the video.

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About Schmidt with Jack Nicholson

After retirement, Warren plans to travel to America in a motorhome with his wife Helen. But a severe blow of fate changes everything. Instead, he wants to prevent his daughter's wedding to an unsuccessful waterbed seller.

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Leon - the professional

The precise and perfectly working contract killer Leon is invulnerable and indestructible. Until a little girl with big eyes comes into his life.

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The best articles online Reviewers recommend instruction in psychiatry about the Ansbach gunman who seriously injured 2 schoolgirls in a grammar school in 2009. A psychiatric report found him to have a schizoid personality disorder.

Spirit and Presence:The schizoid personality disorder explains the vicious circle of the schizoid disorder, suspected causes and the integration into an everyday life worth living.

Wikipedia: Schizoid personality disorder with extensive information on causes, diagnosis and therapy.