Why did the villains capture Katsuki Bakugo?

A few days have passed since the attack on the USJ and a few of the students are still recovering from events. Nevertheless, everyone was looking forward to the upcoming sports festival, where they would have the chance to show their specialties to the professionals so that they could take them on during their internship.

However, not everyone was in a good mood. More precisely, it was two students and the UA teachers who couldn't calm down properly

- Katsuki Bakugo -

Bakugou wasn't looking forward to the upcoming sports festival at all. He was still pissed off about his fight against this dark-clad villain.

"How the hell did I lose? I'm supposed to be the best and strongest. And yet I lost, ”he excitedly.

As much as it pisses him off to admit it, he lost the fight. Which was not good for him at all.

When he woke up in Recovery Girl's office, he was covered in bandages. He was later informed of the injuries that were inflicted on him. Even with x-rays. This bastard did a lot more than deface his face. The blows to his stomach broke two ribs.

It was too humiliating for him. Sure, his injuries were healed, but his pride was damaged in a way that would never heal again. Unless he got revenge on that bastard.

"Shit, being beaten up like that reminds me of how I hit the shit out of Deku back then," he thought.

He froze for a moment.

"Deku." He said to himself.

He remembered the villain's eyes. They were green, just like Deku's.

"Does that mean the one I was fighting was Deku?" He thought, horrified.

He thought a little more about it, whereupon a big grin graced his face.

“No fucking case. That couldn't have been Deku. It's a non-specialty piece of shit that can't get anything right. He could never beat me, "he realized. "This villain must have some kind of stamina or reinforcement specialty to do me such damage."

He knew Deku well enough to know that he wasn't a fighter. He was nothing. A non-specialty loser like Deku could never get him into the state this villain did.

"I'm just too stressed out," he decided. “I should prepare for the sports festival. There I will show everyone at this school, no, the whole world, that I am the greatest. "

- Ochaco Uraraka -

Uraraka wasn't exactly enthusiastic about the sports festival. She was excited and wanted to prove herself to the pros so that she could get closer to her dream. However, she couldn't get this black-clad villain she met a few days ago out of her mind.

During the attack, she was captured by one of the villains. She knew exactly what he was going to do with her and really didn't want to think about it. She called for help, but none of the other students or teachers were around. And that's exactly where he came in, the villain in black. At first she thought he was going to help the other, but she wasn't prepared for what happened next. Instead of helping the other villain, he lasered him and told her to run away ..

The whole event shocked her very much. She was saved by a villain. She still couldn't believe it. The only person she told this to was Elena (the two quickly became good friends).

"Why did he save me?" She wondered. "He's a villain, so shouldn't he be an evil person who likes to harm people?"

Her thoughts were interrupted when she bumped into a tall figure. It was her most famous teacher, All Might. It looked like he was dressed for some kind of meeting, at least he was wearing a suit.

“Watch where you are going, boy Uraraka. Otherwise you will hurt yourself, ”he told her.

"Sorry," she replied quickly before trying to move on.

However, he stopped her beforehand.

"Hey, is anything bothering you?" He asked gently. “You've been so inattentive since the attack on the USJ. At least that's what it looked like in class. "

Uraraka said nothing.

“If something worries you, don't hesitate to come and ask for help. That's what we're here for, ”he assured her.

Uraraka didn't know what to do. Then, however, a thought occurred to her. “All Might was there longer than all the pros. Maybe he saw him. "

"Uh, All Might? During the attack on the USJ, did you see a villain dressed all in black, wearing a broken helmet and looking like he was somehow burned by something? ”She asked nervously.

All Might's eyes widened.

"Yes, to be honest. His name was Deku I think. He was one of the few villains who escaped, ”he told her.

Uraraka didn't know why, but that somehow calmed her.

"Why do you ask? Did something happen? ”He asked her when he noticed the look on her face.

She hesitated for a moment before starting to speak again. "Well, it is like this:"

She explained to All Might what happened to her.

"I see," he said in surprise. "Well, I'm glad you weren't harmed."

"Yes, I'm glad about that too," she replied. “But that's not what concerns me so much. Rather, I wonder why I was saved by him, a villain. I don't understand why he did that. "

All Might said nothing.

"I don't get it either, but maybe he wasn't a completely bad person," he told her.

She stared at him.

"Do you think so?" She asked him. All Might nodded.

“Different villains have different personalities. Some are just bad and some are just not, ”he explained.

Uraraka considered his words and accepted them.

"Thank you, All Might," she said cheerfully.

"No problem. If you should need anything else, come to us. That's what we're here for, ”he replied.

“I'd better go off. I have to prepare for the sports festival, ”she told him.

"Good luck," he said as she turned and walked towards the class.

- Employee room -

Director Nezu has called a meeting with a few teachers from the UA. At the meeting there were himself, All Might, Midnight, Blood King and Snipe.
Naomasa Tsukauchi, a police detective, was also present, reporting on the League of Villains. He said there was no information about the villains who escaped.
The teachers also talked about the character of Tomura Shigaraki and this "Nomu" creature. Despite the discussions, All Might was still curious about something.

"Naomasa, are you sure you have no information about the villain Deku?" Asked All Might.

"No," replied the detective. “There is no record of him, no previous occurrences, no known crimes. Seems like that was his debut. "

"Is something wrong, All Might?" Asked Nezu.

All Might stared at the table.

"It's about this Deku, he was different from the other villains," he explained.

"How much?" Midnight asked curiously.

Everyone else was curious about it.

"It's strange ... but even though he was a villain, he didn't seem like one," he said.

Now everyone was just confused.

“It is like this: He fought against Bakugo and also severely damaged it, but did not kill him. He refused. He said he wasn't killing anyone and that was one of his conditions when he joined the league. He was also the most sensible member of the league, as he urged them to retreat when the chances of their victory dwindled, "he said.

Nobody said anything.

"That's not all," he continued. “I heard earlier from a student named Ochaco Uraraka that one of the villains tried to rape her. When that happened, Deku intervened and saved her. He also told her to run away. "

The teachers and the detective were stunned with amazement. The very idea of ​​a villain rescuing one of her students just seemed absurd. And yet it happened that way.

"You're right, that doesn't sound like a villain," said Blood King.

"He attacked one of our students anyway, so he's still our enemy," Snipe interrupted.

"All Might, do you have any other information that you could give us?" Asked Naosama.

All Might pondered this question hard.

“His mask was a bit broken, so I could see that he had a green eye. And from the sound of his voice, I guess he's about the same age as our students, "explained All Might.

"It is sad to hear that someone so young is becoming a villain," said Nezu. “However, according to your description, it seems that he's not long been a villain. If we give him a nudge in the right direction, he could still become a hero. Although that depends entirely on him. "

Everyone stared at Nezu. A villain turned hero is something that happens very rarely. He also said the same thing about Shigaraki a few minutes ago and realized for himself how naive the thought was. However, he seemed to believe with this boy that it was really possible.

"Well, thanks for that," said Naomasa. “With so little information, we could use all the help we can get. We don't even know what his specialty is. This boy, Bakugo, thinks it may be some kind of endurance or reinforcement specialty, but there is no evidence to support it.

"It could be no specialty, you know?" Nezu told him.

Everyone stared at him.

"I'll write it down," replied the detective uncertainly.

The idea that someone without a specialty would be able to do something like this seemed absurd. All Might remembered what Nezu said to him a few weeks ago. That people without specialties can be equal to those with specialties.

"No, consider it a real possibility," he told Naomasa. "Specialties are not everything in this world."

Everyone was surprised by this statement. Nezu, on the other hand, seemed happy that All Might took his words to heart.

Naomasa wrote everything down and left. Next, the teachers talked about the upcoming sports festival. The meeting ended shortly afterwards.

- Later that day after the class is over -

All Might ran back to the staff room. He planned to watch the sports festival to look for a suitable successor.

Today's meeting was on his mind. “Could a person with no specialty really have done it?” He wondered. Since his conversation with Nezu, he considered it more and more, but still found it hard to believe. Still, he should see it as a possibility.

"Can you become a superhero without a specialty ?!" "I don't think that's possible, boy."

All Might stopped. "That again," he thought.

Since speaking to Nezu, he kept thinking about this boy. He could still remember his voice. How he looked up at him. The look on his face when All Might told him he couldn't be a superhero. He could swear that tears might have broken out of his green eyes at any moment.

"Green eyes," All Might suddenly realized.

He remembered that Deku had similar eyes. And his voice. He thought hard about his own and the boy's.

"They are the same," he thought, horrified.

"He could be specialty-free, you know?" Nezu's words echoed in his head.

"No, please don't tell me ... it couldn't be that boy," he said without realizing it.

That boy was Deku. He didn't want to believe it.

"Don't tell me I got him to this point," he thought.

"What should I do?" He wondered. "If he's really Deku, then I have to ..."

He knew to stop him. He thought about it more. This boy adored heroes, he was a good person. Deku saved Uraraka and refused to kill.

"However, according to your description, it seems that he's not long been a villain."

It just seemed to make more sense. And besides, he was without specialties.

As he went through his options, he decided to keep it all to himself.

"Until I have enough evidence, there is nothing I can do," he thought.

He'd have to find this boy first, but how? He didn't know his name, he just knew how he looked.

“The government has a list of all the people who have no specialty. Maybe I can persuade Naomasa to show it to me, ”he said to himself.

He had to find out the truth. If this boy became a villain, then maybe there would still be a way to save him.


Yes I still live. I'm sorry for the long waiting times between chapters. I hope you enjoyed reading anyway.
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