How safe is the new Mahindra XUV 300

Autoliv carries out the first crash test of an e-scooter airbag

International crash laws and regulations - current status and future developments
March 9th, 2020 - March 10th, 2020 in Alzenau

Practical workshop Euro NCAP MPDB frontal crash
March 30, 2020 - March 31, 2020 in Landsberg am Lech

Head impact according to FMVSS 201 and UN R21
April 3rd, 2020 in Alzenau

64 Vehicles earn 2020 IIHS Awards

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Autoliv carries out the first unique crash test with a concept airbag for e-scooters. Initial results show that the e-scooter airbag reduces head and chest injuries to an e-scooter driver. For Autoliv, this is the next step in a focused and continuous effort to offer security solutions in the field of micromobility.

Image: Autoliv

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For a long time, Chinese consumer protection introduced the crash tests of the other NCAPs in China with a time lag. But in the future the aim is to play a pioneering role here as well. CATARC, under whose leadership the Chinese NCAP (C-NCAP) is being carried out, has announced extensive and ambitious changes to the test program for 2021. In the area of ​​crash tests, C-NCAP pursues a very similar strategy to Euro NCAP: the classic offset crash against a deformable barrier is replaced by the MPDB, in which the vehicle collides with a barrier car at 50 km / h, which is also at 50 km / h drives.

Image: Euro NCAP

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Developing safety measures for spacecraft is more difficult than it is for automobiles. Injuries that would be tolerable after a car accident could prevent an astronaut from exiting his capsule that has just landed in the water. In addition, it is quite likely that shocks will come from any direction. Because a returning spaceship always crashes - every landing is a crash - NASA has an extremely low tolerance policy for even the slightest injury.

Image: Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

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The NTSB published nine safety advisory notes following a fatal accident involving a Tesla Model X on March 23, 2018 in Mountain View, California. These are aimed at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, SAE International, Apple Inc. and other manufacturers of mobile electronic devices.

Image: NTSB

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In the first test of its kind, Global NCAP crashed one of the best-selling pick-up models in Africa, the 2019 Nissan NP300 Hardbody, into a used Nissan Navara NP300, which was manufactured in Europe in 2015. The unique car-to-car crash test clearly demonstrates the lower safety standards that Nissan and other automobile manufacturers are currently applying to vehicle safety in Africa.

Image: Global NCAP

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The currently applicable AEB requirements for trucks were set a good 10 years ago. Based on the state of the art that can be achieved today, the necessary adjustment of the legal standards is discussed. The Federal Highway Research Institute then checked the performance of the currently available technology. The suggestions identified in tests and driving trials are to be incorporated into a new version of the relevant UN regulations.

Image: BASt

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The Mahindra XUV300 won the world's first Global NCAP "Safer Choice" award, an award only available to vehicle manufacturers who achieve the highest level of safety performance for vehicles sold in India. The XUV300 has received a Global NCAP rating of five stars for adult occupant protection and four stars for child occupant protection. It was the highest combined occupant protection rating of all cars tested so far as part of the Global NCAP campaign #SaferCarsForIndia.

Image: Global NCAP

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JASTI and CT-Sim GmbH announce a joint venture agreement for all of JASTI's European activities. JASTI Europe GmbH, based in Heidelberg, takes on sales and business responsibility for the entire JASTI portfolio, including ATD for the safety of vehicle occupants, but also impactors for pedestrian safety and calibration testers.


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So far, naked virtual models of the human body have been used in crash or impact simulation. The Human Body Dynamics team at Fraunhofer EMI has now successfully developed a modeling method to put a soft ballistic vest on a body model (GHBMC M50-PS from Elemance) in a standing position.

Image: Fraunhofer EMI

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The latest generation of the VW Golf is the first vehicle to be equipped with Car-to-X communication (C2X) as standard. "This technology enables the car to exchange information both with other vehicles and with the infrastructure," explains ÖAMTC technician Friedrich Eppel. In practice, it works like this - to put it simply: If the Golf's sensors detect a danger or if emergency braking is initiated or the airbag is triggered in the event of an accident, it automatically warns other vehicles in the vicinity via radio signal.

Image: ADAC / Ralph Wagner ÖAMTC

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Toyota has developed a new function that prevents vehicles from accelerating undesirably. The system uses data from networked vehicles to detect incorrect use of the accelerator pedal. Toyota wants to install the function in new vehicles as well as offer it as a retrofit solution for certain model series. The launch is planned for this summer in Japan.

Image: Toyota

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Emergency brake assistants can avoid or at least mitigate accidents and save lives. But how well do the emergency braking systems of different vehicles react? To find out, the ADAC separately evaluated the results of the Euro NCAP tests of a total of 48 cars from 2019.

Image: ADAC

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The safety of autonomous vehicles and driver assistance systems is closely linked to the functionality of the sensors used. The driver assistants are dependent on the proper detection of the environment. The weather has the greatest disruptive influence on the detection of the surroundings via cameras, radar and lidar. With the SprayMaker from MESSRING, a realistic and reproducible rainy weather situation can be simulated while driving to test ADAS sensors.


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The final report of the Regional Public Goods (RPG), "Improvements on Vehicle Safety Standards in Latin America and the Caribbean through the adoption of United Nations (UN) Regulations and consumer information systems", under the direction of the Inter-American Development Bank, analyzes the potential impact of vehicle safety technologies on public health and economic impact in Latin America.

Image: Latin NCAP

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Dr. Saeed Barbat, the Executive Technical Leader for Safety at Ford Motor Company, was elected to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) to lead the field of vehicle safety and scientific contributions on accident safety, occupant protection and biomechanics.

Image: Ford Motor Company

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