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Beach vacation in the Indian Ocean

The island nation of Laccadives

Top highlights of the Laccadive Islands
  • Archipelago in the Indian Ocean
  • Coral atolls, laccadives
  • Great bays and lagoon, laccadives
  • Lush palm groves, laccadives
  • Sandbanks and reefs, Laccadives
  • Crystal clear turquoise blue water
  • Swimming, diving and snorkeling
  • Magical underwater world, laccadives
  • Glass bottom boats for coral watching
  • Turtle nesting area, Laccadives
  • Sailing, surfing and rowing, laccadives
  • Abundant marine fauna, laccadives
  • Angling and fishing, laccadives
  • White sandy beaches, Laccadives
  • Sandbank Dinner, Laccadives
  • Wellness experiences, laccadives

The islands of the Laccadives

  • Bangaram Island, Laccadives India
  • Kadmat Island, Laccadives India
  • Agatti Island, Laccadives India

The best hotels in the Laccadives

  • The best hotels in Bangaram Island
  • Bangaram Island Resort
  • The best hotels in Kidmat Island
  • Kadmat Island Resort

Individual trips to the Laccadives

  • Laccadive dream
  • Family travel, Laccadives

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  • Round trip India and island vacation

Island world in the Indian Ocean

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Vacation on an island in the Indian Ocean

The Laccadive Islands (Lakshadweep Islands)

The Laccadives (Lakshadweep) are a group of islands in the Indian Ocean, more precisely in the Arabian Sea. Around 300 kilometers west of the Malabar coast of India are the coral atolls of Lakshadweep, which includes the archipelagos of the Laccadives and Amindives as well as the island of Minicoy. There are 36 individual coral reefs and islands, 10 of which are inhabited. The inhabitants are the Moplahs, a mix of Indians and Arabs.

Endless sandy beaches, sandbanks and reefs and a magical underwater world that invites you to immerse yourself. The isolation of the islands has preserved the original way of life of the inhabitants to this day.

In this archipelago of 36 small islands, atolls and lagoons, foreign tourists are only welcome on Bangaram Island and Kadmat Island on condition that they have obtained a regular residence permit.

The uninhabited island of Bangaram offers a beautiful spectrum of coral reefs, turquoise blue water, sparkling white beaches and green coconut trees. You can just laze on the beach, enjoy the sun, listen to the sound of the sea and watch the palm trees move in the wind.

However, if you feel more active, you can go diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, kayaking and much more.

Climate and travel time on the islands of Laccadives
The Laccadives are located in the southwest of the Indian subcontinent. This part of the Indian Ocean or the Arabian Sea is climatically shaped by its proximity to the equator and by the monsoons. The months from October to the beginning of May are considered the best travel time. The temperatures are between 27 and 32 degrees.

Ecotourism tourism in the Laccadive Islands
The Indian government restricts access to the Laccadives very strictly. The paradisiacal islands with their coconut groves and white dream beaches are a gem. The animal and plant world reacts sensitively to interventions by tourism and the beauty of nature would be endangered by an emerging mass tourism. Therefore, holidays on the Laccadives are predominantly characterized by sustainable ecotourism. The vacationers will find luxury here on their doorstep in the form of coconut palms and dreamy sandy beaches.

Entry to the Laccadive Islands
Travelers who want to visit the Laccadives need an entry permit for Lakshadweep in addition to the Visa for India. We would be happy to help you with this.

Getting to the Laccadive Islands
The Laccadives can be reached from Kochi (Cochin) with Air India. Agatti Island, which has a landing strip and is right next to Bandaram Island. The further transport takes place by boat.

The islands of the Laccadives

Bangaram has a huge lagoon, numerous surrounding small excursion islands and is surrounded by a single sandy beach. Coconut plantations surround the inland lake. The inhabitants live from growing vegetables and fishing. Copra is exported to India and traded for rice. In the past there was boat building, today there are still wooden boats, the different types of which refer to the respective island.

Kadmat Island, Laccadives, India
Kadmat also has a beautiful lagoon, with long sandy beaches and beautiful coral reefs. The uninterrupted rush of the sea and the wind blowing through the countless palm trees create a particularly relaxing, almost spiritual atmosphere here.

A dream for divers
Divers are always on the lookout for new diving areas, and the Laccadives are a real dream destination. Only 10 of the 36 main islands are inhabited, of which Bangaram Atoll is the only one accessible to tourists. This is the right place for those who want to spend their vacation in peace and seclusion. Wonderful sandy beaches, a turquoise blue sea with coral reefs and atolls ensure an unforgettable vacation with a Robinson feeling.

The best hotels in Bangram Island

The only hotel in the Laccadives is called Bangaram Island Resort and has 30 bungalows. There is a German-run diving school that enables guests to experience unique underwater experiences. Within the reef, beginners have optimal opportunities to learn to dive. Advanced and experienced divers are taken out by boats. There are a few small islets in front of Bangaram, and holidaymakers can be taken there for a few hours. The hotel has a restaurant and a bar, the cuisine is Indian and international. A small Ayurveda center invites you to relaxing massages and other treatments.