Tony Romo is a good quarterback

Tony Romo would never have dreamed of such an ending in Dallas.

For years he was the shining sunny boy of the football capital of the USA, the quarterback of America's team and - despite the lack of playoff highlights - the darling of cowboys fans.

But in March 2017 he degenerated into a chess piece in a game in Dallas that would have served to honor the cult soap opera of the same name from the 80s.

Since the meteoric rise of the young quarterback Dak Prescott, it was clear that Romo would no longer play with the star on his helmet in 2017. The team record holder would have deserved a separation worthy of his merits after touchdown passes and pass yards.

Cowboys avoid Romo decision

Instead, the cowboys have been rowing back and forth for weeks: trade, no trade, dismissal, but trade again, but not to an adversary, or is it dismissed?

Despite all the assurances that they want to find the best possible situation for the 36-year-old, the impression arises that the franchise is playing for a while, either to squeeze out desperate teams like Houston or to wait until a potential Super Bowl opponent like Denver changes has oriented.

The puller in the style of the former TV villain J.R. Ewing is the almighty Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Economic competition with Houston Texans

Last week Jones had promised his former savior a trade before the Texans shipped their megaflop Brock Osweiler to Cleveland - and thus became a very hot Romo contender.

In addition to the entrepreneurial consideration of knocking out a draft pick for Romo, his vanity also plays a role in Jones' about-face.

It is unthinkable that Romo would find his old form with the rival and thus trigger a spirit of optimism in the second Texan mega-metropolis, which is of course also an important advertising / TV market and strong fan base for the cowboys.

What else can Romo do?

Of course, there are still doubts about Romo's performance, after all, he has not started an NFL game in a year and a half. But he's always interesting for good teams that lack a top quarterback.

Four Pro Bowls and never a quarterback rating lower than 90 between 2006 and 2014 - other playmakers on the very thin 2017 market can't even come close to such numbers.

It is not for nothing that the Chicago Bears are paying a career backup Mike Glennon over 40 million and are hoping for his potential. Because in today's NFL, nothing works without a good quarterback.

Since the alien defense of the Baltimore Ravens around Ray Lewis 17 years ago, no team has won a Super Bowl without a top passer, in 2012 Joe Flacco was in top form for those Ravens, at least in the playoffs.

"Cold war" threatens

Of course, Jones and Romo Camp also know that. Accordingly, both sides play poker and keep extremely low in public. Nevertheless, it is fermenting shortly before the divorce of the former dream marriage. Romo said goodbye via Twitter already by the fans, but concluded with the words: "We'll see what happens."

"Tony still wants to play. It would be extremely surprising, however, should the Cowboys find a trade partner. They will have to fire him. The only question is when," says NFL insider Adam Shefter at ESPN.

Other well-informed sources like Pro football talk even write of a "cold war" that could break out between Romo and the five-time Super Bowl champion.

How long does Romo keep still?

The owner's meeting in Arizona at the end of the month could bring a decision. Until the draft at the end of April, Romo will probably no longer keep quiet, but rather put pressure on publicly.

According to information from his environment, Romo would apparently prefer the Broncos in order to have another chance at the Super Bowl.

No date has been set yet, but by the way, Dallas will also be visiting Denver for the 2017 season. A showdown with Romo would crown the real soap opera.