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You can enter the country with a passport that is valid for the entire duration of your stay. You must also do this before you travel a visa or an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) apply for. Both must be requested prior to departure. Travelers who come down under for business or tourist reasons choose the eVisitor visa.

You can apply for it online. This means that you can stay in the country as often as you like for a maximum of three months at a time. The same conditions apply to the ETA, it can be requested from travel agencies and airlines. Not to be forgotten is the Working Holiday Visa. It is the ideal way to combine sightseeing or vacation with some work. So you can be a tourist and earn a little money for your trip on the side.

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From Germany you can fly cheaply to Sydney or Melbourne with a stopover in Singapore with Quantas Airlines. To find cheap flights, I recommend the flight search engine Skyscanner.

The flights will be the most expensive part of your trip to Australia. You can get to Melbourne and back to Germany from € 1,500 with 2-4 stops. That always depends on the airline. You can visit Sydney and fly back from € 1,600. You pay at least € 1,300 for a flight to Perth and back.

Highlights and the most beautiful routes for backpackers

From Sydney to Melbourne

Between the two Australian metropolises Sydney and Melbourne are 1,100 km and a lot that you should definitely see. The small, picturesque town is located around 280 km from Sydney Batmens Bay. There you can not only experience kangaroos up close, but also stroke them.

Another route that is no less interesting is through the capital Canberra. A stop at Lakes Entrance is a must on this route. It's not far from there to "90 Mile Beach". It separates the sea from the two lakes Lake Wellington and Lake King. Lake Entrance is with the residents of Melbourne very popular who spend their weekend there. For backpackers, it is the ideal place Down Under, as there are 25 campsites.

Magnetic Island and the Outback

North of Queensland lies Magnetic Island, an island that is under nature protection. From the many hills you have a great view. But it is the many lonely bays that make the island an insider tip. The numerous overnight accommodations are perfect for backpackers. Hikes through the eucalyptus forests are also ideal for finding shade on hot days.

Infinite expanses that still never get boring - this is how you have to imagine the Australian outback. The best way to explore these expanses is in an all-terrain vehicle and stop in Alice Springs. From there it goes to Ayers Rock, the sacred mountain of the Aborigines. He is called by them Uluru. When the sun goes down, Ayers Rock changes color every minute and that is an unforgettable experience. Before you travel, you should definitely check out where the nearest gas station is and where you can stay the night.

In order to plan a specific route that suits you, the best thing to do is to get a backpacker travel guide. Lonely Planet Australia or Stefan Loose Australia are highly recommended here.

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When backpacking Australia, you can often discover the most beautiful places if you don't expect them.

A highlight in Melbourne is definitely the one Eureka Tower, a 297 m high skyscraper. About 20 m lower you can visit the viewing platform on the 88th floor. For that extra adrenaline rush, go to the glass platform The Edge, which protrudes from the building. You can do that too Melbourne Museum visit.

In Alice Springs is this Reptile Center very interesting. But that too Museum of Central Australia shouldn't be missed. There you can see finds in the form of fossils or objects from Aborigines, for example.

The Gold coast is very popular with Surfers. The city itself is also worth seeing - it consists of many artificially created canals.

If you are in Sydney are you allowed to do that Opera house definitely not to be missed. There aren't enough superlatives to describe this building - it's part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Not to be forgotten are those too St Andrew’s Cathedral and the Harbor Bridge.

Really impressive too Perth with his Botanical Garden. It's an incredible 18 acres and you can see native plants and birds there. If you're already there, you can do that with a visit to the western Australian Maritime Museum connect. Art lovers should also check out the Art Gallery of Western Australia look at.

There is also a lot of culture in Brisbane with the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art to see. The topics of ethnology and natural history are presented in the Queensland Museum picked up. An architectural masterpiece is that St John's Cathedral, a cathedral in the neo-Gothic style.

The must-sees already mentioned are of course also those Great Barrier Reef and the Ayres rock. These sights are well known to everyone, because you think of them immediately when you hear "Australia". Both are true treasures of nature.

All of these places can make backpacking in Australia a very special experience.

Possible routes for backpackers

You probably have a clear idea of ​​what you're in Down under want to see. Backpacking in Australia is definitely an adventure - no matter where you travel. I've made a suggestion for a route - of course you can change or shorten the route.

You can go after Perth fly and then the entire west coast over to Sydney touring. For this you should bring one thing above all: time. Of course, you decide whether you cover longer distances by plane or camper. The route would thus begin in Perth and you would continue to Mandurah and Bunbury to travel. Then it goes over Augusta and Bridgetown to Denmark and Albany. Via many smaller towns such as Ravensthorpe, the route slowly continues east to Adelaide. The last big stops are Melbourne and Canberra before you reach Sydney.

The same option is also available for the east coast, where you come from Melbourne Canberra, Sydney and Newcaslte can travel. Other destinations are the Gold Coast, Sydney and the Sunshine Coast.

If you want to go to the Northern Territory, Alice Springs should definitely be on your plan. It would also be a way to travel from Adelaide to Kakadu National Park via Alice Springs.

Of course, there are many other routes you can take across Australia. The nice thing is that you can be spontaneous when backpacking. You don't have to stick to your plan exactly.

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Australia is a very large country with vast distances. Flying is the fastest and easiest way to get from A to B. A rental car is also worthwhile. Of course, it is also possible that work and travel is planned and that you will be traveling down under longer. In this case, buying a car is worth considering.

Accommodation To table of contents

Since Australia is huge, there are of course plenty of places to sleep. But because it would be impossible to list them all here, I've summarized a few examples of cheap options for you. Nevertheless, many accommodations are not cheap.

In the capital, Canberra, you can stay at the Canberra City YHA for around € 29. You are in a dormitory room and get breakfast. At ibis Budget Canberra, you pay € 50 for your own room. The Maurizio House is a guesthouse where you can stay for 23 €.

If you're in Sydney it's a little cheaper. At Secret Garden Backpackers you can stay in a dormitory for as little as € 5 per night. The Summer House Kings Cross, Sydney does the same for € 7. Breakfast is included in both accommodations. At Sydney Backpackers (with breakfast) you get a night in a dormitory for € 15, at Maze Backpackers for € 14. The Summer House Newtown costs € 16 per night, including breakfast. There is even a pool.

You can also find very cheap accommodation in Perth. At Billabong Backpackers Resort you can sleep for € 14 a night. Breakfast and the use of a small pool are included. Another option is The Emperors Crown Hostel - you pay € 11 for a night in a dormitory. A night at JJ’s Backpackers near the center including breakfast costs € 14. At The Witch’s Hat you can sleep in a dormitory for just € 11 including breakfast.

There are also some great deals in Melbourne. A night in a bunk bed with breakfast at Summer House Melbourne Backpackers costs € 12. In Europe with Melbourne, a bunk bed in the dormitory and breakfast is also offered. There you pay 18 €. A night in a dormitory room at the Hotel Claremont Guest House costs € 17. In the best hostel you pay € 14 per night, in The Nunnery Accomodation € 12. For the latter accommodation, breakfast is included in the price.

Money & Daily BudgetTo table of contents

Even if Australia is not such a cheap travel destination, the stay for backpackers is affordable. In almost every place there are cheap hostels or a campsite. It is worth looking for small restaurants and bars, where a sumptuous meal is usually served at low prices. € 1,500 per month is already the minimum, of course it can be more expensive if you want more comfort. You have to plan around € 2,000 more if you are traveling by car and maybe want to buy a hotel bed.

As a credit card when traveling, the free DKB card is the best choice. ATMs are widespread in cities. So you can always withdraw money when you are not in the outback.

There are no fees for withdrawals abroad worldwide. If banks collect a fee on site, you can have this refunded by the DKB free of charge.

Typical cuisine: you have to try this! To table of contents

Australian cuisine is influenced by the indigenous, British and immigrants from different nations. Thus it is a colorful mixture of peoples.

Traditional Aboriginal bush food is native fruits, herbs and spices. These include macadamia nuts, bush tomatoes, bush plums and Tasmanian mountain pepper. But animal products in the form of meat are also eaten. The kangaroo and crocodile are eaten in the same way as different insects.

Meat pies and sausages in a dressing gown are dishes that tend to be quick to prepare, but are eaten with pleasure. The Aussie burger, a variation on the hamburger, is also very popular. In addition to the usual ingredients, it contains beetroot, bacon and sometimes a fried egg and pineapple slices. The Australians' preference for fish and chips arguably comes from British influence.

Sandwiches in a wide variety of variations are in great demand as snacks. Barbecue is also very diverse. Fish (for example red snapper) and seafood end up on the grill just like meat. Potato wedges or steak are dishes that are always eaten with pleasure. French fries are usually eaten with steak, but there is also a variant with mashed potatoes and sauce. Pumpkin soup and cheese-baked chicken breast with tomato salsa, called chicken parmigana, are very popular.

The meringue cake called Pavlova is just as popular as a biscuit made from coconut and oatmeal. It bears the name ANZAC.

Ginger beer, a ginger lemonade, other lemonades and coffee are very popular. Australia is also known for its good beer. The brands Foster’s and Victoria Bitter are well-known. Not to be forgotten is the wine produced in Australia. These include the varieties Shiraz and Merlot (red wines) as well as Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay (white wines).

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