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IT operations

Dr. Bernd Pfitzinger is a senior expert at Toll Collect GmbH and examines the operation of the German truck toll using realistic simulation models. After receiving his doctorate in theoretical physics, he worked as a consultant for IT service management at Bitech AG in several large companies in the IT sector. He has held various positions at Toll Collect GmbH since 2005 and was responsible, among other things, for the certification of IT operations according to ISO 20,000 and the creation of a detailed simulation model for automatic toll collection. Bernd Pfitzinger has been a lecturer in business informatics at various universities for many years and has authored numerous publications.

Dr. Thomas Jestädt is division manager at Toll Collect GmbH and is responsible, among other things, for the operation of the vehicle equipment fleet of the German truck toll. After studying physics (Erlangen, Cambridge, Heidelberg) and earning a doctorate as a Marie Curie Fellow of the EU at Oxford University, he worked in various large companies in the mobile communications and IT industries. His activities included in particular international projects in the field of software tests, transition to operation, IT operations and process optimization. He has held various management positions at Toll Collect GmbH since 2003. Thomas Jestädt is active at the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and author of numerous publications.