What clothes should you wear in summer?

Summer job interview: the perfect heat dress code

You got hold of an interview, but the appointment falls exactly in the hottest time of the year? You would probably like to go to the show wearing flip-flops, shorts and a tank top. Even if this may not be a problem in your current work, at this particular appointment you should think a little more carefully about what you are wearing.

Ask for the dress code before the interview

Already with the Appointment for the interview in the summer you should ask for the company's dress codeunless you already know him. With this question you show that you care about something, that you take the conversation and the company seriously and value it. It also shows that you are self-confident, which is why you should generally never shy away from questions when applying.

Women's outfits for job interviews in summer

If there was any information or do you know the dress code, you should definitely follow it. It is important, however, not only for the job interview, but above all in the event that you are hired that you feel comfortable in your clothes and that this too sits well. The ideal outfit for the job interview should therefore by no means be cut too tight, too short or too deep. Even if the rules in the world of work have already relaxed a lot, the following still applies to women: be careful with a lot of bare skin! Mini dress and hot pants are not a good choice, at least for a first impression. Whether you cover your arms at 30 degrees in the shade and wear long trousers or a skirt is in most cases a matter of taste. On Tights In contrast, very few employers now value it. Also Tattoos showing is perfectly fine in a great many industries these days.

Men's outfits for job interviews in summer

It is a little easier for men to choose clothes for job interviews and office outfits. Just fit in with the job interview Shirt or jacket almost always. If you already know that the company has a very relaxed attitude towards work clothes, you can also use the T-shirt come - eye-catching statement prints or band shirts should only be chosen for the first impression if weird birds and extraordinary personalities are in demand in the company. The same applies to Pants: In general, long trousers look more professional. You should only wear shorts to a job interview in the summer if you are absolutely sure that the corporate culture is very relaxed. The Shoes but should also be closed in summer. Sporty sneakers are perfectly fine in many industries, as long as they are not completely worn out or dirty.

General tips for summer job interview outfits

  • loose, figure-skimming cuts
  • cooling materials against sweat stains
  • Favorite pieces that show your personality (be careful with companies with a dress code)
  • natural styling and makeup
  • Use fragrances only subtly

Inspirations for office outfits and clothing for job interviews in summer, but also in autumn and winter, can be found on our website Pinterest board:

The right materials

Everyone who has been endowed with properly functioning sweat glands by Mother Nature knows this: sweat stains exactly when you don't need them. An important appointment is such a case. With a few simple tricks and good preparation, one can fight this problem. Before the important appointment you should try to go to the coolest possible place. That keeps body and mind fresh. Since heat and nervousness can be very sweaty, you should definitely do without polyester and light Choose natural materials. These materials are well suited for the job interview and also for working in the summer:

  • thin cotton: the classic among natural materials - easy to care for and extremely diverse. From tops to shoes and underwear, every item of clothing is available in cotton
  • Linen and silk: not for everyone and rather maintenance-intensive - but show that fashion and a well-groomed appearance are important
  • other substances made from plant fibers: Viscose, modal, lyocell - are all made from cellulose and are just as versatile and easy to care for as cotton

Avoid sweat stains

In order not to arrive at the interview already sweaty, you can go to the interview in different clothes and then fto relocate - as long as this is discreet on site. In general, it is advisable to meet briefly before the interview to make fresh - You can certainly use the company toilet quickly to do this. A Deodorant, handkerchiefs or a cooling refreshment spray should in any case be taken with you to the job interview in the summer. When you feel fresh, the job interview goes better too.

The right colors for the job interview

First of all: in principle allow what you like. But if you don't know exactly what makes the company tick, you should As a precaution, rather neutral colors choose and take care of them match the type. Light-colored types should avoid colors that make them look pale. Those who turn red quickly should avoid this color when choosing clothes. A color contrast in clothing is good, but the overall outfit should not be too bright.

The first impression counts - even after the job interview

No matter what you choose, it is always important staying true to yourself. This also means that you should hold the picture that you give during the interview. Because the Dress code also applies after hiring. Therefore, make sure that your appearance during the interview, the application photo and your documents during the job interview form as one unit and are authentic. This is how you show the company right away Who are you and whether you fit well into the team.

Would you like more information about the interview?

The choice of clothes comes at the very end. You can find out what else you should consider before starting the interview in our guide:

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