What doctors want to know from pharmacists

Doctor and pharmacist: patients want both

DUSSELDORF (acg). Good accessibility as well as health advice and service - these are the most important wishes that Germans have of pharmacies.

The study "Future of the Pharmacy" by the Institute for Trade Research Cologne on behalf of the North Rhine-Westphalian pharmacy chambers and associations provides information on this.

The scientists asked 1006 people between the ages of 18 and 75 what needs a modern pharmacy should meet.

The result: 70 percent believe that in times when medical health services are being cut ever further, the pharmacist will play an increasingly important role as the contact person for health issues.

In order to be able to guarantee the quality of the advice, two thirds of the respondents would like the cash register and advice areas in the pharmacy to be better separated from each other.

In addition, practicing doctors and pharmacists should work together even more closely than in most cases in caring for patients, demanded 80 percent of those surveyed.

More advice is needed in the pharmacy

76 percent can imagine that pharmacies will take care of the prescription renewal in coordination with the attending physician.

"It is important that the pharmacy provides customers with added value", as Thomas Preis, Chairman of the North Rhine Pharmacists' Association, emphasized when presenting the study results in Düsseldorf.

In practice, this could be health checks, for example. But the option of ordering medication in advance from the pharmacy via the Internet was also included in the price.

45 percent of the survey participants would be happy to receive a corresponding offer. 42 percent also rate it positively when the pharmacy offers delivery and messenger services, 35 percent would welcome the offer of a personal customer file.

The North Rhine-Westphalian Minister of Health Barbara Steffens (Greens) pointed out the importance of local supply by pharmacies. "In the future, due to demographic change, there will be more people who need advice in pharmacies," she said.

"We must do more to ensure that patients will continue to have access to a pharmacy without having to travel long distances."

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