What is the Pallava dynasty about

India: Tsunami exposed archaeological treasures


Finds from the time of the Pallava dynasty were washed up

Mahabalipuram - The tidal waves in South Asia have cleared centuries-old archaeological treasures on the South Indian coast. Experts from the Indian archeology teams are thrilled about the finds on Mahabalipuram beach, as their boss, T. Sathiamoorthy, said on Thursday evening. "The sea brought to light the grandeur of the Pallava dynasty." Among the finds from the time of the Pallava dynasty, which dates from the first century BC, BC ruled southern India until the eighth century AD, two large lions are made of granite; The big cats, carved from a single block, are a masterpiece of the sculptural art of that time.

The archaeologists were particularly astonished by a bronze Buddha figure. The roughly 15 centimeter tall figure in the lotus position was said to have been in a basket that was attached to a bamboo raft. On the back of the Buddha is a text in Burmese script. It is likely that the figure was once brought from Burma to Thailand before it was swept across the sea to India "by the tsunami". The archaeologists also found the remains of a stone house and a half-preserved elephant statue, as Sathiamoorthy said.

According to the information, the foundations of a temple and other sculptures, which, according to eyewitnesses, came to light in the bay when the sea retreated a long way before the waves crashed, are covered by the water. Now the seabed should be searched, said Sathiamoorthy. The December 26 tsunami killed more than 285,000 people across the affected area in South Asia. (APA)


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