Have you ever been forcibly stripped naked?

Muslim prisoners are regularly forcibly stripped


Soldiers made fun of genitals - military spokesman: "For safety reasons" undressed

Washington - The forced undressing of Muslim prisoners in Iraq was not an isolated incident but a common practice, according to a report in the New York Times. In addition, the first inmate in the Abu Ghraib military prison was forced to spend five days in his cell for five days without clothes, the newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Even before the arrival of the 372nd Military Police Company, during which the most severe torture of prisoners took place from mid-October last year, "forced nudity" was an accepted practice.

According to the newspaper, Muslim prisoners in Afghanistan and at the US military base at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba were also forced to remove their clothes. "It was a very tough moment for me. It was like death," the New York Times quoted a former Afghan prisoner as saying.

US soldiers made fun of the genitals of men in public. In Guantanamo Bay, prisoners were given back piece by piece of their clothes for good behavior, the newspaper reports, citing released prisoners.

According to a military spokesman, nudity at the military base was never related to interrogation or disciplinary action. After a series of suicide attempts, prisoners at risk had their clothes removed for safety reasons. (APA / dpa)


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