Who collects percentage payments

This is how it works



Earn money with your website and become a Cyberport partner!



1. Include advertising material on your Cyberport site

After successful and free registration, a large number of advertising materials are available in the login area that you can insert into your website. The palette ranges from text links and banners to CSV lists with our complete product data. A description of all advertising material can be found here.


2. Visitors to your site click on an advertisement and go to Cyberport

So that as many visitors as possible can find their way to Cyberport, it is advisable to include the advertising material on thematically relevant sub-pages on your site. For example, if you run your own blog and write about your experiences with your new tablet, it is worth linking to Cyberport either in the overview of all tablets or, even better, directly to the product you are describing. You will achieve the highest click rates and sales if your link has a high thematic reference to your website.


3. The visitor you come to buys a product and you receive the commission

If the customer now buys a product, you will receive a percentage payment from the purchase. You can find the exact remuneration here. Your bonus: You will receive a percentage payment for the entire shopping cart and not just for the one product for which you have advertised.


Your advantage: The customer does not have to buy immediately in order for you to receive your compensation! A remuneration can be credited up to 30 days after the first click.


Status: May 2nd, 2014