Politicians are smart

Politicians do their research on the travel industry

Under the motto "We make ourselves heard!" Travel agency professionals are looking to talk to politicians in order to give more emphasis to their demands during the crisis. Another three offices have become active.

At Sebastian Enders from Enders Touristik in Ilmenau (Thuringia) MdB Tankred Schipanski (CDU) got an overview of the current situation in the travel industry.

Enders addressed the conversion of the general travel warning for 130 countries into "objective and specific travel advice", advocated the extension of the bridging allowance until the end of the year and a direct wage subsidy instead of the payment of short-time work.

According to Enders, the parliamentarian was open to the concerns and promised to pass them on to the appropriate committees.

The same topics were discussed in a large group with Anke Mingerzahn from the Merkur-Urlaubscenter travel agency in Gebesee in Thuringia. Guests were the members of the Bundestag Christian Hirte and Johannes Selle (both CDU) as well as Jörg Kellner (CDU), member of the Thuringian state parliament, and Harald Henning, district administrator of the Sömmerda district.

Anke Mingerzahn is especially happy about the reaction of the interviewees, who showed that they were "very interested and open-minded" for the topics. The members of the Bundestag promised to take the issues with them to Berlin.

The travel agency owner is convinced that the campaign will be successful if even more politicians can be won over to the dialogue. "I can only recommend all travel agencies: Use the parliamentary summer break and make appointments with politicians!", She appeals to the industry.

Vanessa Genter from the travel agency Fox Touristik in Aachen once again hosted a member of parliament from Berlin with MdB Rudolf Henke (CDU) after Ulla Schmidt (SPD) and discussed current issues with him.