Why are hockey fields kept wet

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Sandmaster presents sustainable water filter system

Regular cleaning and maintenance of artificial turf pitches is important to protect people and the environment. Because by playing on the squares, the filling material is crushed over time, which can release harmful substances. Wet cleaning floods the surface with high pressure, washing out fine particles and dirt. But what happens to the wastewater? To rid this of pollutants, Sandmaster has developed a special filter system: a filtration technology that almost completely removes microplastics, metals and PAHs and treats water in such a way that it can be drained into the sewer system without hesitation.

In order to gain an overview of the substances that are harmful to the environment and athletes, Sandmaster examined the washing water for wet cleaning in collaboration with Mikael Olshammar from the Swedish environmental research institute IVL. The results show that some very harmful components are deposited in wastewater, including microplastics, heavy metals, PAHs and a large number of bacteria.

The thorough cleaning and care of artificial turf pitches is therefore of enormous importance. The dissolved impurities are sucked off directly with the dirty water and collected in the tank. In order to subsequently rid the wastewater of pollutants, Sandmaster has developed a sustainable solution: the "Water Beast". A filter system consisting of different filter levels through which the wastewater is passed and thus separates it from microplastics, PAHs and heavy metals. In this way, the “detoxified” water can be safely discharged into the sewage system after the washing process. The remaining residues are then disposed of in accordance with regulations.

“The effectiveness of the cleaning system is very high. It can be an important and efficient measure to reduce the spread of micro-waste and chemicals from artificial turf to a large extent, ”confirms Mikael Olshammar from the Swedish environmental research institute IVL.

In addition to its most important function, namely protecting people and the environment, the cleaning and care of artificial turf has other advantages. By restoring the drainage effect, the formation of moss and algae is reduced. The playing characteristics such as the ball rolling behavior, force reduction and rotational resistance also improve significantly. Since the washing water binds the dust, the process is also suitable for indoor halls, because the hall air remains clean. But cleaning and maintenance are also possible outside in almost any weather and at temperatures of up to + 4 ° C.

The Sandmaster specialists will be happy to provide you with more information on the innovative water filter system. Simply contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone on +49 (0) 7024 80590-0.

Further information: SANDMASTER Society for Play Sand Care and Environmental Hygiene mbH, www.sandmaster.de