What are audio games

Radio plays - useful and popular

Radio plays are a valuable addition to reading and support the development of active listening skills, language, creativity and empathy.

Radio plays are very popular with children and represent one valuable addition to reading aloud In order for children to be able to use hearing media consciously, they need enough space and time. An own "Radio play corner" gives the children the opportunity to withdraw and to devote their full attention to the story undisturbed.

It should be noted that audio media no substitute for reading aloud and studying books together because the exchange with a trusted person as well as the possibility of asking questions, explaining and talking to one another are usually missing here!

Radio plays support the development of skills

Radio plays show that the more passive use of media can also contribute to the development of various skills:

  • They support language development and promote active listening skills.
  • The children can expand and consolidate their vocabulary and become familiar with sentence structure and grammar.
  • By listening to unknown stories, they get to know new characters, situations and ways of acting and can thus expand their own repertoire of ways of reacting, manners, conflict resolution strategies, etc.
  • While listening, the children paint pictures of the story, which in turn stimulates creativity and imagination.
  • Putting yourself in the hands of acting characters supports the development of empathic skills.

Radio plays - from when?

When a child can start using radio plays does not depend so much on their age as on their age personal development level from. How long can it focus? What is their attention span? What topics is it interested in? It is also helpful if he or she has already had previous experience with listening while reading or storytelling.

Selection of suitable radio plays

In addition to the age recommendation, it makes sense that the story is interesting and understandable for the children. A linear, self-contained course of action simplifies understanding. The characters should also be clearly classified into categories such as "good" and "bad" and enable the children to empathize with them.

Watch the children as they listen:

  • Can you pick up what you hear?
  • Which stories do you hear again and again or do you particularly like?
  • Which passages encourage you to join in in the form of singing along, speaking along, moving along, etc.?

This can give you information about the current level of development as well as information about any deficits of the children. In addition, these observations can help you with the selection of listening options and provide incentives and ideas for in-depth analysis of the stories.

Ideas for actively engaging with radio plays

  • Talk to the children about what you hear! Ask questions like: What did you like most and what did you not like so much? What sounds did you hear? What happened in the end? Etc.
  • Stop a radio play in between and let the children tell how the story could go on.
  • Have the children draw scenes or figures from their favorite radio play and thus put the images that emerged in their heads while listening to paper on paper.
  • Sing together the songs that can be heard in the radio plays. Think of simple dance choreographies and practice them with the children.
  • Acting characters, important objects and utensils can be tinkered and used to stage the radio play as a theater piece.
  • Radio plays can also be filmed by the children - e.g. as a stop-motion film or as a stick puppet theater.

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