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Family mix

The Family Mix is ​​a playlist that combines music that you and the other members of your Premium Family subscription listen to. It contains the genres, artists, and songs you listen to and will update over time as you play more music.

Join or leave the Family Mix

Your music will not appear in the Family Mix until you join it. If you leave, your songs will be removed.

  • You can join or leave the Family Mix at any time at
  • Or tap in the mobile app (Android) or (iPhone) and choose Join Family Mix.
    Note: If you want to exit the Family Mix again, repeat these steps and tap Leave Family Mix.

Play the family mix

There are several ways to find and play the Family Mix:

  • You can do it in the field begin under Made for you call.
  • Or use the search to find the family mix.
  • If you have a speaker with voice control, you can play it over it too.

Note: If you're new to Spotify, the Family Mix has to get to know you first. After listening to music on Spotify for about 2 weeks, you will see your favorite songs in it.

Adjust the mix

For: Family Mix on mobile devices

The Family Mix is ​​full of songs that the whole family can enjoy together. But you can also tailor it to the tastes of individual family members if you don't all listen to music together.

To choose whose flavor you want the Family Mix to be based on, tap in the top right corner of the Family Mix (Android) or (iPhone) and then on Manage users.

You can even customize the mix to suit your mood:

  • Tap CHILL OUTto listen to relaxed music at a slow pace. If you tap again, you will return to the normal mix.
  • Tap UPBEATto increase the tempo of the mix. If you tap again, you will return to the normal mix.

Next to each song in the mix is ​​the profile picture of the member they are matched to. But only the members of your Premium Family subscription can see this.

The Family Mix relies on regular updates so that it is always up to date. Therefore, unfortunately, you cannot play it offline. But you can add all the songs in your mix to a playlist and then download it:

  1. In the top right of your mix, tap (Android) or (iPhone).
  2. Tap Add to playlist.
  3. Tap NEW PLAYLIST and give it a name. Or add songs to an existing playlist.
  4. You can then download this playlist.

Note: This setting is only available on mobile devices, but it is applied to all devices.

To remove songs from the Family Mix with inappropriate content based on your musical tastes, bring up the mix, tap in the top right corner (Android) or (iPhone) and then on Remove songs with inappropriate content. This will also be updated in the other members' accounts with the next update.

This will only remove the inappropriate songs based on your musical tastes. If you'd like to remove all inappropriate songs, see Inappropriate Content.

Last updated: April 22, 2021