Can someone help me make onyx better

Mackie Onyx 1620i - much too low level in DAW

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The Mackie Onyx FW desk comes off well in all reviews, even in various forums you can find little negative. So I bought this thing and now I realize that this device is practically unusable for use in the studio. ALL reviews were probably based on pure live conditions. (without mentioning that)

To get to the point: The signal that arrives in the DAW from the mixer via FireWire is MUCH too quiet. A perfectly leveled -0 db on the mixer is -30 db in Logic.
There are tons of threads on the topic in the well-known forums, (if you're specifically looking for it) why the hell does NOT one of the many reviews out there mention this problem?
Of course there are dozens of workarounds, tips and tricks ... but there is no SOLUTION. The Mackie 1640 mixers have a small control on the back with which you can set the FW output level. Unfortunately, the Onyx-i mixers don't have that.

I thought the odyssey is over. The search for a new, compact desk + audio interface etc.

Be that as it may ... as far as I know, none of you has an Onyx desk. But maybe someone does know some advice and can help me.
Hi - someone wrote that on Gearslutz - if the statement is so I don't understand why Mackie does it like this:

"I just read the Onyx 1220i manual to figures this out, because this mixer looks perfect for my purposes.
Channels 1-12 are routed to the FireWire pre-fader (channel fader). Therefore, the only level control you have is preamp gain on the mic / inst channels and source signal level on the stereo channels.
Mackie offers a dealer-only mod that takes the FireWire signal post-fader. Since the faders enable + 10dB gain, Mackie had to build that headroom into the un-modded system.
If the mixer is is being used in studio DAW applications, the post-fader FireWire mod would be worth doing, IMHO. "
yes, it really is. Unfortunately.
So, at least for use in the studio, this is really more than unsuitable. If I had known that before.
Can't you send it back?
Was a used purchase from private. Before I throw him back into the bay, I thought I can ask again here. Hope dies last, etc.

But maybe someone wants it here ... now that I've publicly spread the weaknesses of the part
Interesting, that's how it comes out after years ...
I had bought the mixer from the big "T" and thought I had got B-goods.
Apparently everything was fine and new. Ordered another one - same problem.
Since I needed a bigger mixer anyway, I solved the problem in a completely different way.
I haven't had a good opinion of Mackie since then. As I could remember, this was not only the case with the FW parts.
I think CTRL and headphones were pretty slack there too.

LG hoodie
In itself, the Onyx is so correct when you consider that it is a live (!) Mixer, no matter what is in the advertising, the marketing drones don't know why anyway.

With a live mixer I want to record everything that is played first and then mix and dub and ...

The live mix should not be affected by this, so pre fader / pre eq the signal is pulled out.

With a studio mixer, what comes out of the mixer should be recorded, so the outputs can be switched between pre / post fader / eq.

The stupid thing is that the "live mixer" feature with independent recording and mix, at least from the electronics engineers, is not needed here. But that's not what it says in the product information either. And there are seldom small studio mixers.
yes of course, you're right. It just amazes and annoys me that my search starts all over again.
And it annoys me that my really extensive research in the various channels on the part could not warn me of this fact.

I'm about to get myself such a stupid digital desk. Presonus Studio Live or something like that.
I also find the new Midas extremely exciting ... a couple of new XENYX will be coming soon from Behringer and YAMAHA also has all-in-ones in the pipe.

Jeez, it's also a cross.
If the next one doesn't fall into this trap, you have at least done a good deed .....
of course you can see it that way
I don't have the problem you described with my Onyx 820i mixer and of course not with the old 1640 with Firewire card (there is the regulator you mentioned). I also only use my two Mackie consoles in the home studio (not live) and I get along with them wonderfully. Remote diagnosis seems difficult to me. However, since the signals on both of my Mackie mixers are actually too loud rather than ever too quiet, I would assume a software problem or a possibly incorrectly configured DAW or simply an operating error on your part ...

I can only advise you to read the operating instructions again carefully and see whether you are really using the 1620i correctly.
I use Logic to record - and record everything in 24 bit.
I've already scoured tons of threads on the problem ... I almost don't think I've set anything wrong.
Or what possible sources of error would there be in purely theoretical terms?

Google mal: "mackie onyx low signal"
Apparently I'm not the only one, that's why I don't believe in a faulty desk or something like that.

Anyway ... thank you first for your experience here.
So as far as I know, at least the 1640i is
not a pure live desk in the classic sense. This means that the channels are all recorded by post eq or are at least switchable ...

I think that with the -30db is funny. well, other consoles with sound cards can be switched over in any case. for example my pioneer (dj mixer).
This means that the channels are all recorded by post eq or are at least switchable ...
Can be switched on the Onyx consoles with the i. However, I always record pre-EQ myself. With the old 1640 there is no other way.

That -30 dB is really weird.
I use Logic to record - and record everything in 24 bit.
I've already scoured tons of threads on the problem ... I almost don't think I've set anything wrong.
Or what possible sources of error would there be in purely theoretical terms?
I don't know, maybe you didn't understand the FW routing correctly? The fact that many people have this problem does not speak against an operating error. Maybe there is something that is not solved in a user-friendly way that many users make the same mistake? But I myself have no idea what that could be. Incidentally, I also record in Logic with 24 dB. I have great signal levels and excellent sound quality with both consoles.
So yesterday I looked at all possible sources of error again until late at night and went through them one by one.
I simply cannot manage that the input level in logic is even remotely satisfactory. It can't be because of Logic itself. Have now also tested various other DAWs and the same problem everywhere. If I just tear open the line input controls on the desk until it doesn't work anymore, of course everything starts to clip soon. My synths and drum machines are "normal" leveled.

By the way, I just got a Presonus Studio Live desk here for testing ... unpacked, wired everything up, firewire cable to the mac and instantly perfect recording.

Apart from that, I thought the Mackie desk was great ... it's a shame.
Hello snitch,
I have the same problem with the 1620i. After phone calls with T ** and Mackie or a tester (online magazine) I'm ready to say
I must have got yours (your return), because that's not normal. I suspect that the power supply works with several voltages and supplies phantom power, general power and, if necessary, mic preamplifier with power. A buck could sit there. It is also possible that the Firewire section has a way.
Did you have a normal level in the desk - should mean that your signal was only too poorly sent to the DAW
it was too quiet overall (this would mean that you had to turn all the channel strip and master unusually high to get a corresponding loud signal on the speakers)
So ... I'll dig up the thread! Is there a solution to the problem in the meantime? It really gets on my nerves ...
yes, buy another mixer. Sounds like shit, but that's how it is.
Oha. Then that's probably the case ... What a shame.
Does anyone have an alternative recommendation?