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History, trade, bustle - Alexanderplatz is probably the most famous place in the republic. Everyone knows him - at least by name. Alexanderplatz is the central location for school trips, Berlin novels, and democratic uprisings. It was the presentation space for power in the GDR, and then the place where the peace movement was founded.

But it is not only a historical place, but also a consumer paradise of the 21st century: Alexa, Primark, Galeria Kaufhof, to name just a few shopping opportunities, not to mention fast food chains and snack bars.

And if you live in Berlin, you just can't get around it, but at most get through under it. Hundreds of thousands change trains every day at the extensive underground train station or at the S-Bahn station.

At the latest when a visit to Berlin is received, one strolls next to the snapping relatives over one of the biggest tourist attractions - maybe even the queue stands in front of the generally recognized Berlin landmark: the television tower.

But as prominent, so important as the place is, it seems to be just as unpopular with many. Dirty, criminal, concreted over. A place everyone has to go to, but nobody wants to be.

But is it really like that? And if so, why? And what should be different in this place? Lots of questions, your answers. Give us your opinion.

Dream or trauma?

Voluntarily to the Oktoberfest? Forced by the U8?

Demolish everything, or can the place still be saved?

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