Why exactly are fighting clubs illegal?

New relaxation in Baden-Württemberg - what is allowed in martial arts?

The new sports facility ordinance will come into force on Tuesday, June 2nd. It allows sports clubs to resume indoor training under certain conditions. Previously, only activities outside of closed training rooms and sports halls were permitted. SWR Sport provides you with an overview of what is possible again for martial artists from Tuesday and what is not.

Basic rules for all martial arts

In general, the following basic rules apply to all sports:

  • Training operations should be relocated outside, if possible
  • Equipment such as gloves may only be used by one person
  • Participation in the training is only permitted if there are no symptoms
  • Mats and other equipment must be cleaned after the end of the training
  • In order to guarantee the minimum distance, each person exercising must have at least 40 square meters. If the person is bound to one place by a mat or sports equipment (e.g. punching bag), 10 square meters per athlete is sufficient
  • A maximum of ten people are allowed to train together indoors

The following prohibitions still apply:

  • High-intensity endurance training, ie exercises in which “athletes move at or above the anaerobic threshold for a long time”, are still completely prohibited in the indoor area
  • Partner exercises where the minimum distance of 1.5 meters is not observed are prohibited. Excluded from the distance rule are direct family members such as siblings, as well as exercisers from the same household

Recommendations for individual martial arts

The individual top sports associations have developed sport-specific transitional rules that the German Olympic Sports Confederation DOSB collects on its website.

At the Boxing Sandbag training with one person per sandbag is allowed. If necessary, a sandbag must be kept free in order to comply with the distance rules. Circuit training and fitness exercises are also recommended. Partner imitations may be carried out at a distance of three meters.

The karate-Verband recommends training forms such as the KIHON elementary school training and the KATA form run, which are possible provided that the distance requirement is adhered to.

At the Wrestling the training is limited to coordination, strength, endurance and stretching exercises. The same applies to Judo. In the future, the German Judo Association has already announced the prospect of returning to partner exercises with fixed training pairs after four weeks of contactless training.

The sports associations of Ju-Jutsu, Taekwondo and Kickboxing do not recommend specific training exercises and refer to the basic rules.


Competition operations are generally suspended. However, there are exceptions: In karate, online competitions take place in the discipline kata, in which the individual performance is filmed. The same applies to the contactless disciplines “Poomsae” and “Break test” in Taekwondo. In kickboxing, e-tournaments should be possible in the form area.