What is this mission called Chandrayaan 2

India launched its long-planned space mission to the moon this Monday. On board one GSLV-Mk-3- Heavy missiles nicknamed Baahubali was the unmanned spacecraft Chandrayaan 2 Successfully launched from the Indian Satish Dhawan spaceport near Chennai at 11:13 a.m. German time. After all three focal stages of the launcher worked as planned Chandrayaan 2 entered an earth orbit around 11:30 a.m. German time.

The aim of the mission is to reach the moon in a few weeks, orbit it and drop a robotic vehicle there. Should be in August Chandrayaan 2 Swing into a lunar orbit that rises above the lunar surface at a height of just 100 kilometers. The landing of a platform including the rover is planned for September 7th of this year.

Chandra means moon and Yaan chariot in Hindi. The Indian orbiter is said to orbit the moon for about a year. The lifespan of the rover was set to around 14 earth days, which corresponds to about a lunar day. Then the solar power supply fails. The landing platform will use seismographs to record moonquakes and examine the moon's plasma envelope, which is still a mystery today - a layer of charged particles.

The rover is supposed to chemically examine the moon rocks. With a speed of only one centimeter per second, he is supposed to cover a distance of 500 meters during his mission.

If the rest of the mission succeeds after the successful start, India would be the fourth country after the Soviet Union, the United States and the People's Republic of China to drop a probe on the lunar surface. It would also be the first landing in the South Pole region where water ice is suspected. Sending a probe in this area would be a novelty in space travel. The cost of the mission is around 130 million euros.