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Doug Stone

He can be counted confidently among the “young and savages” who mixed up the country scene in the first half of the 1990s. Even if his music and his songs were mostly exactly the opposite of wild. Doug Stone has had a rather eventful career.

He was born Douglas Jackson Brooks on June 19, 1956 in Marietta, Georgia. Growing up in Newnan, he found his way into music very early on in the care of his mother, a local country singer. Stone says his mother put him on stage when he was seven or eight to open a Loretta Lynn concert. When the parents divorced, he stayed with his father and intensified his musical activities. At some point the young man mastered five instruments and was able to sing well. This gave him ample opportunity in various clubs to contribute to the maintenance he and his daddy secured during the day as a mechanic through appearances.

When he appeared regularly with his band "Mainstreet", he changed his real name to Doug Stone to avoid confusion with Garth Brooks and Kix Brooks from the duo Brooks & Dunn, whose popularity he could of course not scratch. In the late 1980s, Doug Stone heard from producer Doug Johnson, who made sure that he got a contract with Epic Records. It should pay off for both sides. The very first single "I'd Be Better Off (In A Pine Box)" made a lot of impression and reached number 4 on the charts. Doug Stone convinced as a sensitive ballad singer. Since the album "Doug Stone" was sold more than 1 million times, it was platinum for it.

By the end of 1994, each of his singles reached at least the top ten, four of which occupied the top spot: "In A Different Light", "A Jukebox With A Country Song", "Too Busy Being In Love" and "Why Didn't I Think Of." That ".

At the height of his success, Doug Stone had to undergo heart surgery that included multiple bypasses. Although he survived this procedure well, health problems impaired his further career. First, a nose operation relieved his breathing difficulties. At the end of 1995 he suffered another heart attack, which did not result in another operation, but which did not insignificantly limit his work. With corresponding effects, because the sales of his records continued to decline.

Fate held further surprises in store for the artist. In 1999 he survived a plane crash at Chicago's O'Hare Airport. Meanwhile at Atlantic Records, he recorded the album "Make Up In Love", the title track of which was placed in the Top Twenty. In 2000, Stone had an accident in an ultralight aircraft in which he sustained several broken bones. In 2002 Audium released the Stone album "The Long Way", which fell well short of expectations. Then it took three years before the indie label Lofton Creek released the album “In A Different Light”. Now Doug Stone got into the talk about various criminal cases. He was sentenced to six months in prison for tax evasion and failure to pay child support. In April 2009, Stone was arrested in Florida because there had been physical fights in a dispute with his 22-year-old son, among other things because of Stone's alcoholism.

None of that threw the singer completely off track, even though he hasn't played a role in the country business for years. Stone still appears occasionally and "lives" from his last album, "My Turn", which was released in 2007. Once again he proves his artistic abilities and possibilities.

"The album shows who I am," he makes clear. “I chose these songs with care, they are“ feel-good songs ”. I had all the freedom with the recordings and tried to use them. That's why I hired the musicians who were on my first album. Musicians like Brent Rowan (guitar) who is a genius in the studio and Owen Hale on drums. Owen is just the perfect drummer. With such musicians I feel safe and comfortable in the studio and can do my best. "

Of course, it is especially difficult when you work with a mini label. Stone has a really good album, but hardly anyone knows that it exists. Doug Stone is not discouraged, continues and hopes for a comeback. As he puts it so beautifully: “I smashed a motorcycle, survived a plane crash, had a stroke, a heart attack with bypass surgery - what else should I worry about? I'm just happy that I'm still here. "