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Brexit: what does that mean for consumers?


What to consider when shopping online

Now when shopping online from a UK seller, here are some things to consider:

Various EU consumer protection rights also apply to you for purchases outside the European Union if foreign suppliers offer their goods in Germany: For example, you can return the purchased product within 14 days and are entitled to a refund of the purchase price. You are still entitled to at least two years of warranty on your product. And you are protected against unfair business practices such as advertising with false prices.

But be careful: If you shop at British online retailers who do not address customers directly in Germany - for example through advertising in Germany or a German-language website - then the EU consumer protection rules do not apply to you, but you are shopping under the British consumer protection rules. These rules are initially identical to the EU rules, but may change in the future.

Also important: It can be very difficult to enforce these rights outside the European Union in a dispute in court. Because in addition to a German court, which may decide for you according to local regulations, a British court must then always be called in, which will examine again - and may come to a different conclusion under British law. Currently there are still European rights of withdrawal in Great Britain - after leaving the EU, however, Great Britain can set such standards differently. In the event of a conflict between consumers and retailers based in Great Britain, consumers will no longer be able to use the EU platform for online dispute resolution in the future. After Great Britain finally leaves the EU, the EU regulation on out-of-court dispute resolution and online dispute resolution no longer applies to Great Britain.

So when you buy more expensive online, you should really think twice about ordering from retailers outside the European Union. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact your consumer advice center.