Where is there democracy in the world?

Democracy Day: Where in the world are there democracies?

Democratic values ​​are an important part of the German Basic Law. But not everyone is satisfied with the democracy in the country. A study by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation from 2016 shows that only two out of three Germans are of the opinion that the democratic system in Germany works well. People who have a higher education are more satisfied with democracy than those who are in a precarious position.

In order to draw attention to the principles of democracy, the United Nations has set September 15th as International Democracy Day.

But what actually is a democracy? The word democracy comes from the Greek and means "rule of the people". Features of a democracy include free elections, a multi-party system, separation of powers and respect for human rights.

Almost a third of the people live in an authoritarian regime

In 2017, just under five percent of the world's population lived in full democracy. That comes from the democracy index, which the British weekly magazine Economist published. Almost a third of the people live in an authoritarian regime.

The democracy index distinguishes between four forms of government: full democracy, incomplete democracy, hybrid regime - a hybrid of autocracy and democracy - and authoritarian regime. Incomplete democracies are loud Economist Democracies that have free and fair elections and civil rights, but in which there are other problems, such as restrictions on freedom of the press or low political participation.

For each country, the experts examine 60 different factors in five different categories: political participation, the functioning of the government, political culture, the electoral process and civil rights.

Last year Norway took first place, followed by Iceland and Sweden. Germany landed in 13th place. The last places are occupied by Chad, Syria and North Korea.

On the map you can see in which countries there are democracies:

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The quality of democracy has declined in the emerging countries

The Bertelsmann Foundation's Transformation Index shows that forms of government are similar in the individual countries. Every two years the foundation examines how democracy and the market economy have developed in 129 developing and emerging countries. In their last report, the researchers found that the quality of democracy, market economy and governance in the emerging countries is at its lowest level in twelve years.

On this map you can see which developing and emerging countries are on the way to democracy:

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Events in the region on Democracy Day

In ten municipalities there is a "Long Night of Democracy" on Saturday for Democracy Day. Augsburg and Donauwörth are participating in the campaign in the region. Over 60 events and workshops will take place in the Augsburg city library from 7.30 p.m. In Donauwörth there is a program of the Volkshochschule Donauwörth and the Kreisjugendring Donauwörth on the subject of "Digitization and Democracy". More information about the events in both locations can be found here.