What is positive and negative liberalism

Liberalism vs. Positive and Negative Freedom. Concepts of freedom with Hannah Arendt and Isaiah Berlin

Student thesis from 2016 in the Department of Philosophy - Practical (ethics, aesthetics, culture, nature, law, ...),, Language: German, Abstract: How close or far Arendt's conception of freedom is to the concepts of freedom established by Berlin, that's why it should be under other things in this work go. So she investigates the question: How does Arendt's concept of freedom relate to Isaiah Berlin's conceptions of negative and positive freedom, to what extent are there differences and similarities, and to what extent can Arendt's criticism of liberalism be identified? Describes Berlin's "negative" and "positive" freedom as he formulated it in his lecture "Two Concepts of Liberty" (Berlin 1998). The third chapter is devoted to Hannah Arendt's concept of freedom, developed mainly from her essay "Freedom and Politics" as well as from passages in the books "What is Politics?", "About the Revolution" and "Vita Activa." The fourth chapter then follows the analysis part, in which the human image of Arendt and Berlin (4.1) as well as similarities (4.2) and differences (4.3) of the conceptions of freedom is discussed. In addition, a possible criticism of Arendt's liberal ideas of Berlin is formulated in the fifth chapter, based on an essay by Rahel Jaeggi dealing with Arendt's criticism of liberalism (cf. Jaeggi 2003). Finally, the conclusion.

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