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Designate a system photo library in Photos

If you have multiple photo libraries on your Mac, you can choose one of them as your system photo library. System Photo Library is the only library that can be used with iCloud Photos, Shared Albums, and My Photo Stream.

Photos in your system photo library are available in apps like iMovie, Pages, and Keynote. You can also sync them with iOS devices and view them on Apple TV. If you want to use your own pictures as wallpaper and screensaver, the pictures must first be available in your system photo library before you can select them in the system settings.

If you only have one photo library, this is the system photo library. Otherwise, the first photo library you create or open in Photos becomes the system photo library. If you have more than one library, you may need to designate a system photo library so that other apps can access the photos and videos that you want them to use.

To designate a system photo library, do the following:

  1. Quit the Photos app.
  2. Hold down the Option key and open the Photos app. One of the photo libraries is already known as your media library (system photo library).
  3. Select the library that you want to become your system photo library.
  4. After the Photos app has opened the library, select "Photos"> "Settings" in the menu bar.
  5. Click the General tab.
  6. Click the "Use as system photo library" button.

If you open a second or different library in the Photos app that isn't the system photo library, other programs use photos from the original system photo library. Hold down the Option key while opening the Photos app to see which library is set as the system photo library.

iCloud and the system photo library

You can only use iCloud Photos, Shared Albums, and My Photo Stream with the System Photo Library. If you select a different library in the Photos app without setting it as the system photo library, the iCloud tab in the Photos settings is deactivated:

If you set a new library as the System Photo Library and then turn on iCloud Photos, the photos and videos in the new library will be merged with those already in iCloud Photos. If you want to keep the contents of your photo libraries separate, don't turn iCloud Photos on for more than one library.

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