Why do we have a favorite color

Show your colors: what your favorite color says about your personality


stands for energy. People with the favorite color red are very enthusiastic and energetic. You see a goal clearly in front of you and want to achieve it - absolutely! In doing so, they can be pretty uncompromising and disregard others. They say directly and bluntly what they think, sometimes forgetting that their words can be hurtful. They also have to live out their great energy physically, through sport. Standstill is the worst that can happen to you. If they don't get any further, they can freak out quite a bit.

Tip: If you're electrified, then try the cooling combination of white or dark green!


stands for relaxation, but also for objectivity and mental strength. People who love blue are often talented business people and have great success in their careers. Most of the time they are also a bit conservative and appreciate the tried and tested. A preference for particularly dark blue is evidence of particular inner strength and openness. You rarely feel insecure. If you are confronted with strong feelings, for example, you can deal with them very well.

Tip: If you are prone to melancholy, you should combine blue with orange or a yellow.


stands for idealism and sensitivity. This mixture of red and blue unites opposites - the energetic red meets cool, relaxing blue. People who prefer purple have high expectations of themselves and believe in what is good in people. Their sensitivity makes them receptive to everything that is mystical and mysterious. Nevertheless, they have a good deal of stamina, they can hardly be dissuaded from their path if they are convinced of it. Your sensitive side is a little at odds with your need for recognition. You want to be taken seriously.

Tip: If the sensitivity turns into hypersensitivity, beige or cream-white provides a little distance and more grounding.



stands for reliability and perseverance. The color symbolizes life and hope. People who love green are primarily characterized by their unshakable optimism. You are practical and like to concentrate on the essentials. Dreams are alien to them. Not that they are emotionally cold, on the contrary, they are very compassionate. Green lovers are good friends who can listen. You are concerned about security and value a good material basis.

Tip: Combine darker shades of green or a strong yellow with your favorite green, depending on your mood. The darker green helps to concentrate, the yellow provides more lightness.


stands for serenity, maturity and of course the sun. Happiness is the basic mood of people who love yellow. Versatility and generosity make them pleasant contemporaries who value tolerance. They grant it gladly and without ulterior motives, because they love their independence. Even so, they are by no means selfish and frivolous. Yellow fans are good conversationalists and often give something positive to their counterpart because they think so positively themselves. These people do not know brooding and indecision. However, this sometimes leads to hasty decisions.

Tip: Sometimes lightness turns into light-heartedness - then a little earthy brown adds more weight!


stands for down-to-earth attitude, hard work and generosity. People who love brown are earth-loving natures who like to be outdoors. They are all-round sympathetic and are reliable partners and friends who can provide strong support and a lot of calm. They have a sense of everything useful, which can also be seen in their hobbies, for example. You have an inclination towards handicrafts. They are always a little suspicious of intellectual flights of fancy, excitement and hectic activity are alien to them. But you shouldn't forget that change also has positive sides.

Tip: When the severity of brown gets too overwhelming, go against yellow, green, or red!


stands for wisdom and modesty, for purity and the good. It is neutral and therefore goes well with all other colors. In other words: you can hardly go wrong with white. This is also what people who love white strive for: they are correct, plan carefully and do not like surprises. They are less interested in the spontaneous. Her temperament is reserved but friendly. This is how they encounter their environment - without prejudice and with a firm belief in what is good. That's nice, but sometimes it can also lead to them being exploited. When they notice this, white lovers react cool and dismissive.

Tip: Now and then choose a warm color like red or orange to complement your beloved white, it gives you energy.


stands for strength, joy and sociability. It brightens up everyday life and is used in color therapy to activate the immune system as well as in emotional exhaustion. People who love orange have a lot of positive energy. They pull others away and infect them with their joie de vivre and enjoyment. Every now and then they go overboard with their optimistic nature, then they are perceived by those around them as loud, intrusive and sometimes also boastful, although that was not meant at all.

Tip: If you notice that you are overdoing it with cheerfulness, combine orange with cool white, light cream or a shade of green.


stands for objectivity, restraint and seriousness, but also for inconspicuous elegance and lasting value. At first glance, gray may seem boring. But there is this mixture of black and white in so many shades that it is anything but boring. Its neutralizing property can give all other colors a touch of seriousness. People who love gray tend to love the quiet tones. They cope with their everyday life with a certain equanimity that allows them to act carefully in the event of surprises.

Tip: Whenever you have the feeling of becoming a "gray mouse", freshen up the gray with bold colors! Everything is alright!


stands for dignity and meaning, seems unfathomable and fascinating, but also a little threatening and difficult. People who love it believe that black always fits. For them it means concentrating on the essentials. They wanted to be taken seriously, appear serious and keep a low profile. Respect and success are very important to them. They are loyal, loyalty and reliability are important to them in their professional and private life. But behind the black there is also self-doubt as to whether life really means above all fulfilling one's duty and striving for success.

Tip: Soften the severe black with a little blue or green. But warm colors like red or orange are also good.