Where can I sell a Ryanair ticket

Fortunately, those who cannot take their flight, for whatever reason, do not have to be left entirely with the costs. If one cannot take a flight, one receives at least part of the costfor the plane ticket back. Of course, you have to differentiate whether you cancel yourself or a flight is canceled by the airline.

If the flight is canceled by the airline, travelers are entitled to a full refund. Those who cancel themselves are at least entitled to a refund of taxes, fees and personal surcharges (e.g. seat reservations).


So that you can keep track of these, sometimes not entirely uncomplicated cases, in this guide we reveal what the legal situation is, where you can get support in enforcing your rights, and how you can ultimately get your money:


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Flight cancellations in times of Corona

The corona pandemic continues to cause uncertainty and restrictions in air traffic. Before starting a trip, you should therefore make sure to check the current statusinquire about his planned flight. Given the current situation, this can change at short notice.

If you want to cancel or rebook a flight compared via idealo, you should contact the provider or, if applicable, the airline with which you booked this flight. Whether and what costs are incurred depends on the booking conditions and the provider's goodwill.

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Dispute issue of voucher vs. reimbursement

The voucher scheme is currently being hotly debated in the media and in politics. Many airlines offer customers a redemption voucher instead of a full refund of the airfare. Even if some airlines are so accommodating and set a slightly higher voucher value in order to make up for longer waiting times if necessary, this rule meets with a lack of understanding: After all, at this point in time nobody can say how high the ticket prices really will be if the situation normalizes and whether travelers will actually receive the same service.

The experts from Flightright.de say: “This is stipulated in Article 8 of the EU regulation. With a voucher, you bind yourself to the airline and are less flexible for future trips. Especially in times when the future of many airlines is uncertain, you should prefer a full reimbursement of costs to a voucher. If the airlines files for bankruptcy, in the worst case scenario they will be left with the voucher and the money will be lost. "

The discussion about vouchers also plays a role in politics: the voucher regulation is causing a lot of trouble between the federal government and the EU Commission. Because according to current EU law, consumers have the choice between a voucher solution and a refund. So what can travelers do if the airline or the tour operator only offers them a voucher?


Help with enforcement by providers

Of course, travelers can deal with the airline themselves and, in an emergency, call in a lawyer or use a sample letter. Since the whole thing can be a lengthy process and is not always crowned with success, there are even vacationers who completely waive their rights and let their trip lapse. Especially in times of Corona, many vacationers believe that they are not entitled to a full reimbursement of the flight price. That's not true! With the help of legal tech providers, travelers can have their rights enforced. We would like to introduce some of them here:
  • Flightright.de: For ten years now, the Berlin-based company has been enforcing legal claims from passengers whose flights are delayed, canceled or canceled. If necessary, Flightright.de will also fight for the claims in court. If the airline pays within the legal period of 7 days, the service is free. The legal experts also work longer, namely until the airline pays, for the reimbursement. If successful, a commission of 14% will be charged.
  • Geld-für-Flug.de: This Düsseldorf company also has legal experts who work for the interests of air travelers. Your own case can be submitted here in an extremely short time. On the basis of little information, the experts check whether there is a claim for reimbursement and create a non-binding offer for payment. If you accept this, you will receive your reimbursement minus a small success commission within 24 hours. This service also works for flights from the past - retrospectively for up to three years.
  • Fairplane.de: Like Flighright and Geld-für-Flug.de, the Vienna-based company with German headquarters in Wiesbaden enforces the rights of passengers affected by cancellations. In the event of success, a commission of 24 - 35% is due, which consists of a processing and a risk component.


Which cancellation rights apply in times of Corona?



In the event of a cancellation by the passenger, e.g. out of fear of Corona, the situation looks different again. Anyone who cancels a trip for fear of infection does not initially have a fundamental right to a refund of the flight price. A cancellation with reimbursement is therefore only possible if this is previously recorded in the purchase contract.

What must be reimbursed in any case, even if the traveler cancels, are all taxes and fees. Travelers who cancel a flight that has not been canceled due to Corona can get at least part of the amount back. The individual components of flight ticket prices, which airlines break down differently in their general terms and conditions, are often controversial.

What happens if the holiday country has imposed an entry ban, but the flight still takes place? Understandably, every traveler would cancel the flight here, because what good is the flight if you are not allowed to enter? A reimbursement might actually be possible here, but since this case has not been clarified in the guidelines of the EU Commission, the matter must presumably be settled by a corresponding ruling by the European Court of Justice. As long as this is not the case, it will probably be difficult to get your money in such a case. In this case, the alternatively offered vouchers or rebooking could actually be the faster and safer way to still receive the desired service.

idealo flight tip:In the current situation, travelers should always wait and see whether the flight is not canceled by the airline itself - because then they can claim back the entire price of the flight instead of just a partial amount for a flight canceled themselves.


How can I get my money refunded during regular flight operations?

There will also be a time for tourism after Corona when travel operations will run normally again. Unfortunately, this also includes flight delays, cancellations and cancellations. In principle, the same options apply here to get the money for your flight reimbursed: Basically, you have to assume that no airline costs are reimbursed without being asked Initiativeasked. You can proceed in the following ways:
  • Contact the airline yourself
  • Contacting a lawyer
  • Hire an (online) cancellation service such as Geld-für-Flug.de, Flightright.de or Fairplane.de


Contact the airline yourself

Who even about that Telephone, email or letterIf you want to contact the airline, you must request a refund, stating the ticket or booking number. It is useful that the consumer advice center offers sample letters for download on its website, which can be used for Reclaiming taxes, fees and airfarecan send to the airline after canceled flights. However, since airlines refer to their general terms and conditions, which passengers accept by purchasing a ticket, the actual situation often looks difficult at first.

Eva Klaar, travel law expert at the Berlin consumer organization, has asked for travelers who are concerned about getting the money back for their flight ticket. V., some valuable tips:

"If the airline refuses, travelers have a few options to enforce their rights: Anyone who has paid by credit card can - with prior notice - one Charge-back process initiate. If the flight was booked through an agent, it must be ensured that the agency fee is also booked back when the bank rebooks. If this is the case, the fee must be paid to the agent. Anyone who first sets a deadline for the airline in writing must know that the Deadline only from the recipient's knowledge, in this case the airline, applies. It is therefore advisable to not only send the notification of a deadline by e-mail, but also aFor reasons of proof, also in writing by registered mail to send. For foreign companies, e.g. easyJet or Ryanair, travelers must always include their BIC in the account details and accept minor delays. In cases of hardship, travelers can also turn to the consumer advice centers or the Arbitration Board for Public Transport (SÖP). The main task of the SÖP is the out-of-court settlement of disputes between travelers and companies, including airlines. There travelers can submit a request for arbitration, which is free of charge. "


Contacting a lawyer

If you want to use a lawyer to defend yourself against a non-reimbursement of partial costs, you should contact a specialist in travel or passenger rights. This of course creates additional costs, but can sue the claim in an extreme case in court. Do you have a common Legal protection insurance, covers these normally incurred process costs.

Hire an (online) cancellation service

You want it like that uncomplicated as possiblecome to a reimbursement of costs, it is advisable to assign the reimbursement claim to a so-called cancellation service. Experienced service providers such as Geld-für-Flug.de, Flightright.de or Fairplane.de check the reimbursement claim and enforce it - in case of doubt, even in court. Since a commission is only due in the event of success, you are always on the safe side with such services. The little time that has to be invested in contrast to taking the initiative or going through a lawyer speaks in favor of hiring a cancellation service.


Why are not all costs sometimes reimbursed?

As already mentioned above, anyone who cancels their flight themselves or simply does not take it is not entitled to reimbursement of the entire flight price, but only to a portion (taxes, fees and personal costs). This is going through Section 648 sentence 3 BGB stipulated: The paragraph states that airlines Flight tickets without the possibility of reimbursement in the event of cancellation by the customerbe allowed to sell.

So if you opt for a cheap tariff that excludes cancellation, in the end you have no right to a refund of the full flight price - sounds logical, and it is: For example, if the customer books a particularly cheap economy tariff (also super economy or similar) . Ä.), He agreed that the fare will not be refunded if he cancels the flight himself.

Basically, the following applies: According to the judgment of March 20, 2018 (Az. X ZR 25/17), the reimbursement of the flight price depends on the booking tariff and can therefore be excluded by the airline.

idealo flight tip:If you are not sure whether you can really start your trip before you start your trip, you should not necessarily choose the particularly cheap tariff when booking, but rather opt for a flex tariff. These often offer short-term rebooking so that the flight does not have to be canceled. The potential risk minimization in the event of a cancellation has its price, which you have to estimate yourself when choosing the airline or the tariff.



When it comes to cancellation, airlines often rely on the ignorance of passengers. Those who know their rights and persevere have a clear advantage here. So it is important to be up to date and to read exactly what is in the terms and conditions when booking.

The fact is: booked flights can be canceled or rebooked at any time. Even in the case of flights that have not been actively canceled, you have the right to a refund of all taxes, fees and surcharges retrospectively for up to three years - even if the terms and conditions of the respective airline say otherwise.

Low-cost airlines in particular often refuse to reimburse the fees if the administration fee is higher than the actual reimbursement. With other airlines, flights can only be canceled when booking a flex fare, and often only with restrictions, such as within a week and three weeks after the original travel date. Higher-priced airlines such as Lufthansa or Emirates are often more customer-friendly and accommodating when it comes to cancellations.

In principle, there are three things that you should keep in mind:
  1. Know your rights! You won't always get the full amount refunded, but you always have at least the right to a refund of taxes and fees.
  2. The potential risk minimization in the event of a cancellation has its price - you have to estimate this yourself when choosing the airline or the tariff.
  3. The airline refuses? You're not alone! With serious cancellation services or the consumer advice center / SÖP, you have strong partners by your side who stand up for your rights.