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9 sideline ideas that hardly anyone thinks of

Most of us don't really have our finances under control. We may long to buy a home, but we still don't have enough cash to pay a down payment. We may hope that we will be financially secure in old age, but have saved very little for retirement.

Earning some cash on the side - be it short or long term - can do wonders for your finances. I've written before about many ways you can make money on the side, and there doesn't seem to be any limit to how you can increase your income. Here are nine more ideas - most of them you may not have considered. See if any of them speak to you and could work for you.

1. Become a chef

If you're a good cook, you could start a business that provides meals for others. You could work in your client's kitchen, maybe spending one day a week there preparing meals for three or four days, or you could build a list of subscribers to whom you regularly deliver meals - or you could do the work in some other way and organize ways that better suit you. You have to research what laws apply where you live and you have to build a customer base over time, but you can make hundreds of dollars a week off this gig. Another option is to record yourself cooking and try to build yourself an audience on

2. Inspect houses

If you've ever bought a home, you've likely met a home inspector, or at least checked his or her work. Home inspectors can make hundreds of dollars for an hour or two of work, and if you enjoy poking around buildings, this may be a fun way to make money. You will likely need to obtain a home inspector license by completing an apprenticeship or course, and it may be best if you are already familiar with homes and how they work. But once you're ready, you can take on as much work as you want or can get.

3. Work with a drone

This is a relatively new way to make money, but it can be a great strategy. If you're skilled (or can become) using a drone with a camera attached, you could get work taking photos or videos for real estate listings, or roof inspections, or even weddings. You may also be able to take a lot of stock photos that you sell on sites like Getty Images, Shutterstock, or iStock, among many other options. Some freelance drone pilots make thousands of dollars a month.

4. Sports referee

If you love sports, or at least a particular sport, you might be able to earn money as a referee. The rules on how to referee vary by sport, region, and level of play, but a little research on the internet can help you learn what you need to know. Referee doesn't always make big bucks, but if you get $ 30 or $ 50 to run a game, four games a week, you can make maybe $ 160 a week - or more than $ 600 Dollars a month - and you get a good workout with every game.

5. Crafts

If you are generally skilled in the art of repairing or replacing leaky faucets, repairing broken gates, mending holes in walls, installing ceiling fans, and so on, you may be able to make a ton of money on the side. Many, if not most, households would appreciate having a skilled and reliable handyman among their contacts to call when they need something. It might take you a while to build a customer base, but you could be handing out flyers to get started.

6. Prepare furniture

Many people put potentially valuable furniture on the curb to get rid of, while others sell it online for pittance. If you're good at tracking down and securing attractive pieces, you could bring them home, clean them up, make any necessary repairs or improvements, and sell them for a hefty profit. For example, a $ 25 chair may need upholstery or wood polishing before someone buys it for $ 150. An old stylishly designed table may need sanding and repainting before you can sell it for $ 200.

7. Translating or interpreting

If you are fluent in a foreign language, you may be able to use this skill to make extra money. When you work as a translator, you translate written words, while as an interpreter you translate someone's spoken word, often in person, but sometimes through a telephone or video conferencing system. Translations and interpreting are needed in many areas, e.g. B. in the judiciary, in the economy and in the health sector. (Note that certain languages ​​are more lucrative than others, such as Arabic, Mandarin, and German - so it may be worthwhile to be fluent in one or two languages).

8. Transcribe things

Finally, there is the transcription. If you are good at listening and typing what you hear, you may be able to make good money on the side transcribing medical, legal, or business audio files. If you are interested in this, do a little research on the internet. There are many sites where transcriptionists can find work or offer their services. Transcriptionists can make anywhere from $ 15 to $ 25 an hour, sometimes more.

These are just a few of the myriad ways you can make extra cash - to save on a home down payment, to educate your children, or to build a war chest for your retirement. Check out any of the ideas above that interest you - or keep researching for other ideas.

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