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10 reasons why you should read books

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Reading - for us it is the best pastime in the world. We escape the dreary everyday life and travel into the world of fantasy. But there is much more to be said for reading: 10 reasons why you should read books.

1) Reading Can Help Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

Studies show that people who deal with complex intellectual tasks particularly often in their lives and who repeatedly challenge their brains stay mentally fit longer, even in old age. Through regular reading and the constant absorption of new information, the brain is optimally challenged and the memory is trained so that it is still efficient even in old age.

2) Reading reduces stress

Life can be challenging and many find it difficult to relax after a stressful day at work. Reading can help. People leave their hectic everyday life behind and flee into the world of fantasy, where they can find distance from their own lives and relax.

3) Vocabulary expansion

"Reading educates", they say. And indeed: regular reading automatically expands the vocabulary. The more often you are confronted with different words, the easier it is to memorize them. By the way: If you read texts aloud, words move from passive to active vocabulary even more easily.

4) Reading helps you write

The University of California found that reading novels always affects your writing style. Accordingly, the style of the author rubs off on the writing skills of the reader, so that he subconsciously learns while reading. He looks at storytelling techniques and is inspired by the flow of writing.

5) Reading helps you fall asleep

Many people have difficulty falling asleep. The events of the day bothered them too much and switching off is simply out of the question. Sleep rituals can help against this. If you pick up a book every evening and read a few pages, you not only find peace of mind, but also give the evening structure and end the day with a relaxing ritual.

6) Reading promotes social skills

According to a study at the New School for Social Research in New York, reading promotes empathy. Readers learn through reading to put themselves in the shoes of their counterparts and thus increase their understanding of the lives of others.

7) Reading encourages creativity

By immersing yourself in the world of fantasy, the imagination is trained. Unlike in the cinema, it is the readers themselves who create the images for the text. Even with children it is evident that regular reading has a positive influence on creativity; their ingenuity and imagination improve. And creativity also pays off in adulthood, as it is an important prerequisite for successfully dealing with conflicts.

8) Reading broadens your horizons

It doesn't matter whether you want to escape your own life or are simply curious and want to get to know other people and places: Reading is probably the cheapest way to travel. Stories provide insight into the lives of others, into their thoughts, their work and habits. You get to know distant places and experience foreign cultures. Readers think outside the box and broaden their horizons.

9) Reading promotes concentration

Information and news are often served quickly and in small bites. We hectically click our way through the web, read a status report here, a headline there, update Twitter and skim the most important Facebook news. We stumble across disaster pictures from the news and quickly check the weather again. Used to this pace, reading a novel at the end of the day has a decelerating effect. Not only do you relax, reading also promotes concentration. One deals with one or the same thing for a long time.

10) Reading makes you sexy

According to surveys, people who read in public appear smarter. A book in hand makes them more attractive and desirable. They give the impression that they are an interesting conversation partner and that they have a capacity for empathy.

How many points can we add to the list? What reasons can you think of why one should read books?

Text by:
Maren Kahl

My name is Maren Kahl, I am 31 years old and work as an online editor for “What are you reading?”. I have always been fascinated by literature and language. Together with Hansel and Gretel I discovered the gingerbread house and with Karlsson from the roof I started my propeller and whizzed over the roofs of the city with my best friend in the world. During my German studies I read my way through the literary canon, loved Kafka and got bored with Fontane and Mann. Today I read across the board everything that narrative literature has to offer: entertaining, thought-provoking, and satirical.

Otherwise I like to ride my e-bike to the green in Aachen, take photos and write for my blog.