Why is Shahrukh Khan so rich

Shah Rukh Khan is the face of Bollywood

Whether young or old: In India, Shah Rukh Khan is considered a demigod. Almost all of the 47-year-old's films are mega hits. As an actor, producer, advertising star or show master on television, he is showered with awards and is now a billionaire. For the Indian media, Shah Rukh Khan, or SRK for short, is the "King of Bollywood". Even the humble Shah Rukh Khan is puzzled by his success. After the frenetic reception in Germany at the Berlinale, when hundreds of fans waited for hours in sub-zero temperatures to take a quick look at their idol, he said in an interview with Deutsche Welle: "After I was received so warmly here in Germany, I went for one For a short moment I asked myself whether I am German myself or whether the Germans are actually Indian. "

Star with family values

The film critic Shubhra Gupta from New Delhi currently considers Shah Rukh Khan to be India's film star with the greatest charisma, who can cast a spell on people all over the world and is still not considered unattainable: "He has now the positive image of a family man. He is a father and husband. He has often emphasized that he only wants to make films that his children will also enjoy. " Whether as a broken hero, lover or a family man: Khan has adapted his roles to his personal life, which makes him credible for his fans.

Shah Rukh Khan and wife Gauri have a scandal-free marriage

Khan first studied economics, then appeared in theater and television productions. It was not until his mid-twenties - which is considered late in the Indian film business - that he made his first romantic film "Deewana" (The Love One). He then experimented with dark characters and psychopaths in films like "Darr" (Fear), "Baazigar" (The Player) and "Anjaam" (The Consequence) before turning back to the romantic genre. His best-known films shown in Germany include "In good as in difficult days" from 2001, "Live and don't think about tomorrow" from 2003 and "Om Shanti Om" from 2008. Khan now has almost a hundred film roles. Even breaking a taboo couldn't hurt his career. His wife Gauri, whom he married in 1991, belongs to the Hindu faith. The couple have two children. For many in still conservative India, such an association between a Muslim and a member of the Hindu community is unacceptable.

Bollywood's triumphant advance

Some special features of Bollywood cinema such as the music and dance scenes do not seem suitable at first glance to appeal to a global audience. The Bollywood films that the German TV station RTL 2 has been broadcasting since 2005 were dubbed, but the songs were left in Hindi. Nothing special for Shah Rukh Khan: "I don't think our style of cinema or songs is about understanding the language. It's about what people feel."

For some years now, the big blockbusters of Bollywood cinema have not only been shown for a short time in large cities such as Cologne, Munich or Hamburg. Through film distributors such as "Rapid Eye Movies", many films are shown in cinemas across Germany. Journalist and DW TV presenter Monika Jones has interviewed Shah Rukh Khan several times and describes him as "charming, witty and very clever." Monika Jones thinks Shah Rukh Khan had a good effect on the Germans. "A lot of things have to be serious here, you don't show your feelings. It's good to let them out."

Face and ambassador of Bollywood

"Simply an excellent ambassador"

But Bollywood has changed too. The technical standard of the films has improved, the themes reflect more and more a Western way of life, their cinematic language has become more global. Filmmaker and curator Dorothee Wenner from Berlin has been responsible for the selection of Indian films for the Berlinale for a long time and knows Shah Rukh Khan well. How big does she think his role in the triumph of Indian cinema is? "Four universities in Europe are now dealing with this question," says Wenner. In their opinion, there is not just one factor. "In India, Shah Rukh Khan's last two films fell short of expectations. Other stars are overtaking him, some even say that he is now too old. In Germany, all of this comes with a delay." But Wenner emphasizes that Khan certainly has a large share in the global success of Bollywood cinema: "He's just great and an excellent ambassador."