Where can I sell my online shop

Can I sell my services in the online shop?

Online shop - quality or agony

Online shopping is more popular than ever and has been booming for many years. Just like trading on the Internet itself, the large universe of online shops has also evolved. From simple catalogs with order numbers and first category shops to large and integrated online shop systems that cover several product categories and, thanks to the technical background, perform well on all end devices. Unfortunately, not every company shines with a good online shop. We don't want to imagine how much sales some companies give up to their competitors - solely because there is no online shop or just a model from 1995. If you go through the If you click through a large number of online shops, you will notice that in both B2C and B2B areas it is mostly goods and goods that are sold there.

Service provider online shop - how does it work?

But you are a service provider. So what about services - can services be sold online?

Take a look at the developments that digital solutions make possible for us. The solution that your potential customer needs, he will buy where he can find the best solution. As a second priority, he will use the contact point that makes it easiest for him.

With these digital solutions, service providers have the option of presenting their solution to the target group with all the information. Does the visitor get everything they need thanks to your information density, which is appropriately presented? Are all sorts of doubts that influence the decision removed? Once you have achieved both of these points, the potential customer becomes a new customer. Because he won't look any further. With your online offer, you make the excellent user experience so pleasant that there is no need to search again.

Create an online store - what are you waiting for?

Because the answer is: yes. Everything, really everything, can be successfully sold on the Internet, including services. And that too, both B2C and B2B. But for this project to be a complete success and for you to be able to increase sales with your business on the Internet, a few steps are required, which we would like to take with you. Because many service providers underestimate the amount of work that goes into running their own online shop and either fail in the first few hours or end up with a half-finished end product that may even damage the company rather than help with the sale. The composition of a successful online shop is complicated and ranges from the appropriate system to the presentation of the content to the technical background. Lots of adjustment screws that all need to be turned in the right direction.

Sell ​​services online

Bringing services to men and women is sometimes easy and sometimes difficult. Due to the huge bandwidth that the tertiary sector has, there are no limits to the possibilities. But it is precisely this mass of options that makes it difficult for most service providers to find the right way for them to present and market their own services on the Internet. All of this is not an insoluble problem if you create a strategy at the beginning that limits all future actions and measures to the field that is appropriate for your company. Because, as is so often the case, the first steps towards your own online shop also apply: Less is more.

Offering a service online - this is how you find your target group

At the beginning, we use the services you offer to analyze your main target group and all subgroups that you can still reach in the future. Then, depending on the business, an online shop system will be selected, which will be expanded together with you according to the modular principle, and if necessary also reduced and completed. Little by little, your own online shop for services will be equipped with content - ranging from appealing texts and descriptions to activating and impressive images to entire case studies and work samples to show potential new customers the full range of your work. This process also includes the structuring of the shop in categories and individual shop areas. After all, your new customers should feel comfortable and not sink into chaos.

Sell ​​services - win customers with the first click

A well-structured online shop with a clear and easy-to-understand structure and intuitive navigation are the first important pillars of your sales success. After all, if you stay in your shop for a few minutes because he or she finds the structure appealing, you will with a high probability also buy something. A lot of work is required to achieve this goal - but it definitely pays off! Because:

We humans are curious and proud.

We don't want to sell anything, we want to look for it ourselves, find what we are looking for and then buy it because WE want it, not because the service provider (i.e. your company) wants it. Of course, in reality it works the other way round. With a successful online shop you have all the strings in hand and can control exactly when the customer clicks where and which offers he should see first and which he should see last. When creating your web shop, you are not subject to any rules, any given structure or a fixed layout: you determine what should happen in your shop. Ultimately, it feels to your customers as if they found your online shop for services while searching on Google and Co., as if they were free and self-determined to click through your online offer and then they would make a purchase decision of your own free will. In truth, you can influence the buying behavior of your new and existing customers before they are even on your website - with a sophisticated and efficient SEO strategy for your web shop.

Your own webshop and the technical background

Thanks to our grown know-how and the combination of many communication disciplines in our team, we can offer you as a service provider the full range of online shop systems. From the simple gallery shop to complex applications with responsive design for all end devices and online formats. You want to offer your services on the Internet and we want to offer you the technical and content basis that your company needs for great success. We work exclusively with our own concepts that have already been tried and tested in several cases and can respond individually to your own wishes and concerns. We are of the opinion that every online shop should be unique - especially in such a differentiated area as the service sector.

Have an online shop set up - that’s up to you.

The to-do's are very narrow for you personally - we work with you at the beginning to work out the online shop structure based on our initiative suggestions and in the following steps only need the individual information and special features of your services. We take care of the rest for you - this also applies to the fast and uncomplicated maintenance and updating of the shop.

Feel free to contact us today and let us begin with the first steps for your service provider online shop. You can assess the first results within a few days and, thanks to direct communication with your personal advisor, spontaneous changes or updates are no problem. And so you too will soon be able to offer and sell your services on the Internet - in your very own online shop.