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In the my-Spexx shop you will find over 1,000 different glasses frames, from which you can choose and buy your new glasses frame online with just a few clicks.

When you buy a new pair of glasses, you also buy a new type. Because although the glasses have a functional character, they have a decisive influence on the external appearance. The glasses are your daily companion and should therefore be selected carefully. Various points are taken into account in the purchase decision, such as the type of glasses, the material and the shape of the glasses.

The lenses also play an important role, as not every lens is suitable for every frame. Criteria such as weight and stability of the glasses frame play a major role, as these factors have a significant impact on the wearing comfort of glasses. Finally, you should think about the design of the glasses and coordinate this with the shape of your face.

You can get the glasses frames online from us, ordering is very easy with a click of the mouse. When you have decided on a model, simply click on the "order button" and enter your prescription. After completing the order, it will take 2-3 weeks for your new glasses to arrive at your home.

The right frame for your glasses

The full rim glasses

The full rim glasses are also referred to as full frame glasses because the lens is completely enclosed with a frame. It is the classic among eyeglass frames, so there are countless variations. The selection of full-rim glasses ranges from eye-catching to subtle. The full-rim glasses are a striking focal point on your face, even with very thick or different lenses, full-rim glasses are a fashionable highlight. Another advantage is the optimal protection that the glasses have in the frame.
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The half-rim glasses

Half rim glasses or wearing rim glasses only have a frame on one side. They look elegant and reserved. Therefore, they are ideal for people who value the functional aspect of glasses more than the fashionable one. Half-rim glasses have the advantages that they are comparatively light and enable a clear view. It is advisable to choose a thin lens for this glasses frame. A thick glass comes into its own in this frame and can have a negative effect on the design.
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The rimless glasses

Rimless or frameless glasses are the most inconspicuous glasses frame. At first glance, these glasses only appear to consist of lenses that are held in place by a subtle frame. These glasses are timeless as there is little scope for implementing fashionable trends. They allow the other person to grasp the entire face. One advantage is the weight of the glasses - the rimless glasses are very light and therefore hardly noticeable.
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