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How to find sponsorship for a small YouTube channel

Can you find sponsors for your YouTube channel? Soliciting sponsorship deals for small channels can be a very difficult and frustrating process. Whenever the word sponsors comes to mind, think of the big and expensive commercials.

If you lower your expectations about the big commercial companies, there are several other companies in the market that can help you out with YouTube sponsorship.

This article will teach you how to find YouTube sponsors and make money.

Part 1: Before applying for a sponsorship

1. Follow YouTube guidelines

If you run a small channel, you should be very careful with YouTube guidelines. Never post content on your channel that violates the YouTubes rules or copyright. Make sure your channel's content follows YouTube's instructions and guidelines.

Sponsors would never want to be associated with YouTube channels that could be blocked or deleted by YouTube due to violations. So be careful before uploading your content.

2. The quality and subject matter of the content is crucial

You should regularly upload quality content on your channel. Uploading once at the new moon or just a few videos at the beginning and then expecting YouTube sponsors is not the way to go. Some topics are also more suitable for sponsorship deals than others. As a rule, companies do not want to be associated with content that is controversial, sexual, or glorifies violence.

3. Enter your business email

Always add a work email address to your channel that shows you want to receive business inquiries. This is the address where you will receive notifications of friend requests, video comments, and even criticism once you have a large following.

Part 2: How to find sponsors for your YouTube channel

1. Use the YouTube sponsorship platform - Famebit

If you are looking for small channel YouTube sponsors, Famebit is a trustworthy platform to consider. It's an interface for advertisers and video producers who need sponsorship for their content.

The use of Famebit can be advantageous in raising an above-average amount of income, more than can be earned through Google. If you have 5000 supporters for your channel, you can very well use Famebit to get YouTube sponsorship for small channels. Famebit charges 10% of the sponsored amount and payment is made by check or PayPal.

2. Apply directly

Addressing companies directly is one of the best ways to secure YouTube sponsorship for small channels. Do your research and try to find 50-100 companies that might be interested in your channel.

Once you have the company's list and detailed contact information for those companies, send an email introducing your channel and expressing interest in partnering.

It's important to stand out from the crowd. Make sure your channel is unique and different from the others, as the companies you contact will also receive requests from other content creators.

One important thing is not to send the same old letter to all 50 companies hoping to get a positive response from at least one. Try to focus on your channel's message and highlight the same in your letter to the companies while trying to reach out to the companies for YouTube sponsorship.

3. Don't forget to attend trade shows

Trade shows and exhibitions are a great way to search for small channel YouTube sponsors. The exhibitions with a focus on new media provide a great platform for you to find a sponsor if you attend.

Events like this offer tricks and tips, help you interact with other content creators, and also allow you to connect with the brand managers who might be offering YouTube sponsorship for your channel.

Part 3: What types of sponsorship are there?

1. Product sponsorship

When looking for sponsors for a specific product, make sure it is relevant to your channel. Never reach out to sponsors without making sure that you may scare off your viewers and that your sponsors are not getting the results you expected. In such a case, you could lose both your sponsors and your audience.

Trying to get YouTube sponsorship for small channels is quite difficult as it will limit the promotion of the product to whatever they have. Product reviews and tutorials are the best ways to get sponsored products.

2. Paid sponsorship

Of all types of sponsorship, paid sponsorship is the most difficult to obtain. When you rate the affiliate link products in your videos, you will usually receive income, but as part of paid sponsorship, you will earn by promoting product and company links on your channel.

Adding the company's products to your videos will make you money. It will appear at the beginning and at the end of your videos after it has played on your YouTube channel.

3. Affiliate Sponsorship

It is the easiest of all sponsorships, but also the least lucrative. Affiliate sponsorship works by exchanging affiliate codes and links. These can be used by your audience to get discounts or other rewards from your sponsor.

There are two ways that affiliate sponsorship works. One is the discount option where the code is shared and viewers use these codes to get discounts between 5 and 15% on products purchased from the same website. Another option is to incorporate the affiliate code into a URL that provides a content creator with profits in the form of traffic.


Not only the popular channels, but also newbies can make money with YouTube sponsorship. If you follow the tips and tricks from this article, you have the chance to make sponsorship deals even with a small channel. It is important that your content is unique, suitable for advertising and of high quality. Even if you are a beginner, you can create professional YouTube videos using the video editing program Wondershare Filmora. The uncomplicated video editor offers powerful functions without being overwhelming. Download the free trial for Windows or Mac now to start creating videos for your channel today!

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