Where can I buy gold recovery chemicals

Gold mining and its effects

There are gold deposits almost everywhere on earth. The mining on the island of Niolam in northeast Papua New Guinea, where around 75 kilos of gold are mined every day, is particularly massive. In a country comparison, most gold is mined in China: in 2016 it was 455 tons of the precious metal, which corresponds to around 13 percent of global gold production.

In 2016, 47.4 percent of the precious metal was processed into jewelry; 7.5 percent of the gold mined annually was used in the electronics industry for cell phones and laptops. Central banks or private investors keep the rest as reserves and for speculative purposes. The US Federal Reserve has by far the largest gold holdings at 8133.5 tons. The Deutsche Bundesbank comes second with 3,377.9 tons.

Gold can occur as granular gold soaps (nuggets) that are mechanically separated from the soil substrate. Far more often, however, the precious metal is found in the finest traces in the lattice structure of the rock minerals. In order to loosen and bind the gold dust, the miners have to resort to cyanide and mercury.

The extremely environmentally harmful cyanide-lye process is used in large-scale industrial gold mining. To extract one ton of gold, an average of 150 tons of cyanide have to be used. Just a few milliliters of it are fatal to humans.

The mercury process is often used by small-scale miners. The gold-containing ores are first sifted for hours in the water until the gold dust is concentrated in the sediment. This gold-containing rock sludge is then mixed with mercury, which forms a liquid alloy (amalgam) with the gold. This alloy is heated, the toxic heavy metal evaporates and what remains is pure gold. Protective suits against the neurotoxin or recovery devices for the evaporating mercury are often sought in vain when gold is mined by miners. It is mainly investors, transport companies and chemical dealers who do lucrative business with the precious metal. People and nature suffer from gold mining.