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Of all the DC Earths that featured the most on DC TV and Arrowverse, Earth-2 is one of the most popular. Over the past decade, the DC multiverse has become increasingly attractive in many Warner Bros. properties. The Arrowverse was a major franchise to explore the concept of multiple earths and reinterpret various DC heroes and villains. Through alternate realities, the DC Multiverse has allowed storytellers to refine their DC shows. The Arrowverse brought the legendary DC story Crisis on Infinite Earths to life and changed the status quo for the multiverse of WB from now on.

Thanks to the Arrowverse, DC TV became vital to the studio by establishing that every past, present, and future DC live-action property is part of the multiverse. Over the decades, various characters have been reinterpreted on television and in film, including Batman, Superman, The Flash, and many more. But instead of ignoring what was before, the Arrowverse leaned into it, laying the groundwork for how every DC live action project is still connected in one way or another.

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When it comes to different earths in the DC canon, Earth-2 has surprisingly been used in several interpretations. While the Arrowverse is the DC franchise that the Multiverse uses the most, Earth-2 has been featured in other live-action adaptations. In front The Lightning Season 2 introduced the viewers to Earth-2, other DC shows had their attitudes towards that specific reality.

By doing Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Follow "Tempus Anyone?" and “Lois and Clarks” explore the multiverse through Earth-2. While "Tempus someone?" Lois is trapped in an alternate dimension where Clark never became the man of steel. Not only had he never met Lois in the world, but Clark was engaged to Lana Lang. The Earth-2 Lois had been pronounced dead after disappearing into this world a few years ago. While Clark still has his powers, Lana kept him from becoming a superhero and worried about how the world would react if he exposed himself.

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But when Clark met the Lois from the other world, he was inspired to become Superman of Earth-2. Also, Jimmy Olsen was the owner and editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet, while Perry White ran for mayor. In “Lois and Clarks” the Earth-2 crosses Superman during Tempest's latest gadgetry when he caught the other Clark in a time warp. While Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman became the first live-action feature to play with the Earth 2 concept, it certainly wouldn't be the last.

in the Smallville Season 10, episode 10, "Luthor," the Superman prequel explores the multiverse for the first time. When Clark finds and activates a mysterious Kryptonian box, he is sent to an alternate reality that the show calls Earth-2. Activation sent Clark's doppelganger to Earth-1 (which Crisis on Infinite Earths confirmed as Earth-167), but this version is the opposite of the DC hero. On Earth-2, Clark was never found by the Kents when he crashed on Earth. Instead, Lionel Luthor discovered him and raised him as Clark Luthor, also known as Ultraman. During his story, Clark murdered Lex from Earth-2 and became a tyrant in that reality.

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In the episode “Kent”, Clark is sent back to Earth-2 by Earth-167 thanks to Ultraman who destroys the mirror box so that he can stay on Earth-167 forever. Clark discovers that Ultraman has killed Oliver Queen since “Luthor” and widowed Lois. Clark also meets Earth-2's Jonathan Kent, whom he convinces to change his life. As soon as Clark returns to Earth-167, he encourages Ultraman to try to seek redemption in his world. While Smallville called it Earth-2, that reality was based more on Earth-3, the home of the Crime Syndicate. However, this reality is later destroyed in Smallville Season 11, in which Crisis on Infinite Earths itself was adapted.

in the The Lightning In Season 2, the Arrowverse explores the multiverse by introducing Earth-2 through Hunter Zolomon, who poses as Jay Garrick, before being revealed as Zoom. That's how it works too The Lightning came to use multiple versions of Harrison Wells over the seasons, starting with Harry. Your Earth-2 is visually stylized, at least in Central City, through a combination of elements from the 1940s and 21st centuries. When arrow Season 8 showed Earth-2’s Starling City, it contradicts what a bit The Lightning had established with this alternate earth. By doing arrow In the season eight premiere, Earth-2’s Starling City looks almost exactly like Earth-1’s Star City, although some of the characters here have different roles.

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in the Black Lightning Season 3, episode 10, “The Book of Resistance: Chapter 4: Earth Crisis,” Jennifer Pierce meets her doppelgangers Earth-1 and Earth-2, Gen and Jinn. When they explored Jinn's story on Earth-2, the freeland of this world was visually almost the same as Jennifer's freeland Black Lightning Earth. While Earth-2 looked different visually in the Arrowverse shows, the story is very different for most of the characters. While The Lightning, arrow, and Black Lightning had conflicting designs for Earth-2 that would ultimately not matter as this was just a version of Earth-2 for the Arrowverse.

Long before Star girl The premiere of DC Universe and The CW made it clear to the Arrowverse from the start that it would join the franchise, but with a twist. When Olive Queen restarted the Multiverse as The Specter, Earth-2 was reborn as the universe Courtney Whitmore lived in. During a Montage in Crisis at the Crossing of Infinite Earths, The CW revealed this Star girl and the new Justice Society of America exists on Earth-2 as it was no longer the home of Black Siren, Jesse Quick and other relevant characters. In contrast to the original Earth-2, Star girl It looks like it has a completely contemporary 21st century design.

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The most significant difference too Star girls Earth-2 is that the Justice Society of America is the Justice League equivalent, and not just a team for the 1940s. While the history of the JSA dates back to 1941 on Earth-2, the Golden Age version was active until 2010. It doesn't seem like there is a Justice League on Earth-2 with the new JSA servicing that role instead. While your Earth-2 is completely new, Star girl still contains the arrow reversal by Jay Garrick of John Wesley Shipp, who retroactively established himself out of this universe, instead of the earth-3 pre-crisis on infinite earths.

In spite of Star girls Since Earth-2 is the current live-action iteration, the DCEU could also tackle Earth-2. The Batman is reportedly placed on Earth-2, which Warner Bros. and DC Films have yet to resolve. Since the Infinite Earth Crisis, and even through DC FanDome, Warner Bros. has determined that there is a live-action DC multiverse, not one for television and one for movies. The reference of The Batman The event on Earth-2 came from The Hollywood Reporter, who had defined the upcoming event Batman Restart the earth label as Earth-2. But that does not mean The Batman uses the same universe as Star girl or make your own take on Earth-2.

Most of all, it was probably the outlet's way of illustrating how The Batman is not part of the DCEU but exists within the multiverse. It would be a pretty exciting experiment, though The Batman and Star girl were kind of on the same earth-2. What would it be like if a DC TV show and an upcoming DC movie were in the same world? Nothing says it couldn't work, as one can exist with the other without necessarily having to be in a scene together. But until Warner Bros. and DC Films say otherwise: The Batman is not Earth-2 and is likely to have a different number determined by Earth.

Even so, it's still incredible that Earth-2 has received as much attention as it is, mostly from the Arrowverse. The longer the DC multiverse is in operation, the more alternate worlds DC properties can explore in live action. While there have been alternative approaches, it's good to see that Star girl becomes the DC property most similar to Earth-2's counterpart in DC TV.

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