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GDR actresses I

I only show a few films (up to the end of the GDR) for each actress, otherwise it would go beyond the scope. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the dates of birth of some of them!

Since I could think of a lot of films, I also found the actors. It is important to me that the actors of the GDR are remembered. (Sources: own DVDs, IMDb and Wikipedia

The list will be added gradually! I can think of a lot of films since then. update: 12/30/2020 - now many more actresses and films!



  • Abesser, Doris (1935-2016), including in "Incident in Benderath", "Professor Mamlock", "Life Begins", "At the Way of the Cross", "In love and with a criminal record", "The picture of my brother", "Murderer on leave", " Dwarf nose "," Stories about the garden fence "," Spring takes time "," Märchenbrunnen "," Zille und ick "," The black and gold snake "
  • Agischewa, Marijam (Born 1958), among others in "Siblings", "Marta, Marta", "Kippenberg", "Doctor in Uniform", "Front Without Mercy", Outsiders ", in" Polizeiruf 110 and in "The Public Prosecutor Has the Word" , "Christmas stories"
  • Antoni, Carmen-Maya (Born 1945), among others in "Der Reserveeheld" with Rolf Herricht, "Shots under the gallows", "Routes across the country". "Don't think I'm crying", "Fräulein Schmetterling", "I am the rabbit", "Time of the storks", "dwarf nose"
  • Abel, Use (1909 - 1959) - "The Unknown", "Angelika", "My Father, the Actor", "The Most Beautiful"
  • Alex, Hildegard (Born 1942) - among other things in "12 o'clock noon comes the boss", several times in "The public prosecutor has the word", "Under the pear tree", "The seducers", "Red neck", several times in "Polizeiruf 110", "Benno makes stories "," The beautiful courtesan "," I love Victor "," The break "


  • Böhme, Marita (Born 1939) - among others in "On the Sunny Side", Murder Without Atonement "," Carbide and Sorrel "," The Reserve Hero "," When You Grow Up, Dear Adam "," Escape Into Silence "," The Man, who came after grandma "," Beethoven - days out of one life "," The hiding place "," The bastard "," Grown up from today "," Sachsen Glanz und Preussens Gloria "(4 parts)," Der Eisenhans "
  • Blume, Renate (Born in 1944), among others in "Der teilte Himmel", "Die Bilder des Zeugen Schattmann", "Ulzana", "Kit & Co", "Front ohne Gnade", "Archiv des Todes", "Die ertanzten Schuhe", "Ernst Schneller", several episodes "Polizeiruf 110", "Kippenberg", "The Prince Behind the Seven Seas", "Rapunzel or The Magic of Tears"
  • Brodhagen, Annemarie (Born in 1934) - among others in "Abendgruß" - Annemarie and Brummel (1950s to 1970s, in "Heroin", "Der Fremde")
  • Bodenstein, Christel (Born 1938) - among others in "The brave little tailor", "The singing, ringing tree", "Tatort Berlin", "When you are big, dear Adam", "Don't cheat, darling", "Lot's wife", " The little prince "," "Escape into silence", From the life of a good-for-nothing "," Stielke, Heinz, fifteen ... "
  • Citizen, Annekathrin (Born 1937) - among others in "Spur in die Nacht", "Tilmann Riemenschneider", "Wolf Among Wolves", "Königskinder", "Nothing but Sin", "Murderers on Vacation", "Deadly Error", "The Invisible." Visier "," Tecumseh "," Five Days - Five Nights "," The Pictures of the Witness Schattmann "," The Building Lion ", in" Polizeiruf 110 "and in" The Public Prosecutor Has the Word "," The Beauty and the Beast "
  • Bechmann, Gertrud (Trude - 1904 - 1982) - among others in "Weißes Blut", "What would happen if ...?", "Conscience in turmoil", "Routes across the country", "Black velvet", "Christine", "The adventures of Werner Holt "," Märkische Forschungen "," Die Flucht "," Johannes Kepler "
  • Boyd, Karin (Born 1953) - among others in "Time to Live", "The Marquise", "Oh, this Aunt", in an episode of "The Invisible Visor", "Roncalli", "Closed Society", "Miss Butterfly"
  • Besendahl, Anna-Maria (1901 - 1983) - "Die Brücke", "Die last Heuer", "The novel of a young marriage", "Kein Hüsung", "Schlösser und Katen", "Hunted until morning", "The singing, ringing tree", "The lighter", "" Cloudy water "," Carbide and sorrel "," I am the rabbit "," Don't cheat, darling "," Zernik corpse matter "
  • Bath, Evamaria (Born in 1929) - "The seas are calling", the girl on the front page "," Alfons Zitterbacke "," The search for the wonderfully colored bird "," Berlin around the corner "," The school ghost "," ... damn it , I'm grown up "," Flowers for the man in the moon "," Nora S. ", several times in" Polizeiruf 110 "
  • Braun, Kathe (1913 - 1994) - "Doctor Semmelweis - savior of mothers", "The ax from Wandsbek", "Novel of a seventeen year old", "Rascal stories"
  • Castle, Ursula(1919 - 1996) - "Die Sonnenbrucks", "Frauenschicksale", "Professor Mamlock", "Die Schönste"
  • Braunbock, Carola (1924 - 1978) - "The subject", "Model Bianka", "On the sunny side", "Ms. Venus and her devil", "Miss butterfly", "Florentine 73", "Beloved white mouse", "Zernik corpse matter" , "The great journey of Agathe Schweigert", "Three hazelnuts for Cinderella", "Daniel Druskat", "Beasts", "The little magician and the big five", "Seven freckles", "A handful of hope", "PS"
  • Baumann, Britt - (born?) - "Island of Swans", "Two Empty Chairs", "Alexander the Little"
  • Brentina, Trude (1899 - 1986) - "The Fates of Women", Stronger Than the Night "," King Thrushbeard "," Alfons Zitterbacke "," Island of the Swans "," Archive of Death "," Sister Agnes "
  • Bereska, Odette (Born 1960) - "And next year at Lake Balaton", "Island of Swans"
  • Brendler, Gertrud (1898 - 1983) - "Schlösser und Katen", "Much Beloved Star", "The Wooden Calf", "Trace of Stones", "Anton the Magician"
  • Baumgarten, Liselott (1906-1981) - among others in "Hunted up to the morning", "Death has a face", The search for the wonderfully colored bird "," Florentine 73 "," ... damn, I'm an adult "," New things der Florentiner 73 "," Das Mädchen Krümel "," PS ", several times in" Polizeiruf 110 "
  • Behrens, Manja (1914 - 2003) - "Hunted until morning", "Sun seeker", "Marriage matter Lorenz", "Life begins", "Murder without atonement", "Hoarfrost", "Carbide and sorrel", "The ordinary miracle", "Stielke, Heinz, fifteen ..."
  • Bendokat, Margit (Born in 1943) - "Routes across the country", "Sixes come through the world", "The master thief", "The Poggenpuhls", "Atkins", "Stielke, Heinz, fifteen ...", "The distance between you and me and her "
  • Beyer, Regina (Born in 1947) - "The girl on the board", "There's a fair in heaven", "Käuzchenkuhle", "His Highness - Comrade Prince", "Hart am Wind", "Liberation", "Fairy tales from old Arbat" , "Scharnhorst", "The story of the goose princess and her faithful horse Falada", "Hans Röckle and the devil", "Scharnhorst", several times in "Polizeiruf 110", "Goosebumps", "Hasenherz"
  • Bless, Astrid (1944 - 2009) - "Sherlock Holmes" (several parts), 7 men and a bitch "
  • Blossey, Petra (Born 1956) - "Am I Moses?", "The hour of the daughters", "Front without mercy", "The Christmas plumber", "Fridolin"
  • Bolle, Bärbel (1941 - 2015) - "Anonymous call", "Blue light", "Parole", "The kidnapped bride", "The other next to you", "From my childhood", "Sister Agnes", "Our silent man" , "Stella"
  • Brunner, Angela (1931 - 2011) - "The cold heart", "The fate of women", "Naked among wolves", "Blaulicht", "The divided sky", "When you grow up, dear Adam", "Berlin around the corner", " Alfons Zitterbacke "," Kaule "," Young Woman from 1914 "," Time of the Storks "," Sleeping Beauty "," Anton the Magician "," No evidence for murder "," The pictures of the witness Schattmann "," Red Fox ", "Laughing doves don't cry", "Archive of Death", "The Queen Exchanged", "Foreplay"


  • Cron, Evelyn (Born 1940) - among others in "The golden yurt", "Blaulicht", "Polizeiruf 110", "Hands up or I shoot" (with Rolf Herricht), "Acquittal for lack of evidence", "I - Axel Caesar Springer", "The naked man on the sports field"
  • Clas, Johanna (1931 - 2009) - "The Stolen Princess", "Generations", "Murder Without Atonement", "Lütt Matten and the White Shell", "The Second Track", "Parole", "Kaule", "The Escape "," Affair "," Sabine Kleist, 7 years old "," One carries the other's burden ... "


  • Dittus, Barbara (1939 - 2001) - among others in "Conscience in Riot", "Sleeping Beauty", in several episodes of "Polizeiruf 110 and in" Blaulicht "," Anton the Magician "," Mohr and the Ravens of London "," Tambari ", "Seven Freckles", "Simply Flowers on the Roof", "Guarantee for a Year", "Atkins", "Visit to Van Gogh", "The School Ghost"
  • Domröse, Angelica (Born 1941) - among others in "Chronik eines Mordes", "Parole on probation", "On the sunny side", "The legend of Paul and Paula", "The adventures of Werner Holt", "Routes across the country", " Daniel Druskat "
  • Düwel, Karin (Born 1954) - among others in "Sabine Wulff", "The Hour of Daughters", in several episodes of "Polizeiruf 110", "Das Schulgespenst"
  • Dannhoff, Erika (1909 - 1996) - "Cinderella", "Tannenberg", "Infinitely deep below", "The Magic Mountain"
  • Delschaft, Maly (1898 - 1995) - "The Berlin Range", "Andreas Hofer", "Affaire Blum", "The Wandsbek ax"
  • Daudert, Charlotte (1913 - 1961) - "The wise women", "The night without sin", "The most beautiful"
  • Danegger, Mathilde (1903 - 1988) - "Ways of Terror", "Frau Holle", "Beloved White Mouse", "Farewell", "When you grow up, dear Adam"
  • Dietrich, Margarethe Antonia (1900-1975) - Theater roles, in the 1920s, 3 films
  • Dunkelmann, Erika (1913 - 2000) - "Dangerous cargo", "Recovery", "The vicious circle", "Schlösser und Katen", "Berlin - corner of Schönhauser ...", "Klotz am Bein", "The bewitched fishing village", "Solange Life in me is "," Everyone dies for himself "


  • Esper, Annemarie (1934 - 2004) - "I am the rabbit" (1965 - banned in the GDR until 1990)
  • Evers, Ingrid - "I am the rabbit"


  • Fresh, Lore (1925 - 1962) - among others in "Marriage Strike", "The Stranger", The Wooden Calf "," Tsar and Carpenter "
  • Florin, Elfriede (1912-2006). among others in "In Schlösser und Katen", "Dangerous Freight", "Frau Holle", "Weg über Land", "Sommerwege"
  • Fiddler, Sina (Born in 1933) - "Spring takes time", "Fräulein Schmetterling", "Alfons Zitterbacke", "The pictures of the witness Schattmann", "Blood Brothers", "Märkische Chronik"
  • Friedrich, Charlotte (1894 - 1976) - "Spring takes time"
  • Frost, Simone (1958 - 2009) - "The Wild Duck", "The Sorrows of Young Werther", "Stine", "Our Short Life", "The Poggenpuhls", "Grown From Today", "Franziska"


  • Gruber, Marie (1955 - 2018) - among others in "Sleeping Beauty", "Guarantee for a year", in "Polizeiruf 110", "The dream of the elk"
  • Golding, Annegret (Born 1930) - among others in "The Judge of Zalamea", "Murder in Riverport"
  • Gäbler, Dorit (Born 1943) - among others in "Foggy Night", "Don't cheat, darling!", "Moritz in the advertising column", "High-rise stories", "Front without mercy", several episodes "Polizeiruf 110", "Automärchen", "Johann Strauss - the king without a crown "
  • Goering, Helga (1922 - 2010) - among others in "The condemned village", "Berlin - corner of Schönhauser ...", "Schlösser und Katen", "Just don't think, I'm crying", "The adventures of Werner Holt", "The stranger "," Parole "," The pictures of the witness Schattmann "," The invisible visor "," Pensioners never have time "," Summer paths "," Trail of the stones "," The girl on the board "," Blue light " , "The Regentrude"
  • Goehler, Sigrid (Born 1942) - among others in "Das Märchenschloß", "Now and in the hour of my death", "In love and with a criminal record", "Egon and the eighth wonder of the world", very often in "Polizeiruf 110", "Der Sonne Glut" , "Why can't I be good?", "Man, Grandma"
  • Genhorn, Ursula (born?) - among others in "The Sorrows of Young Werther", "Traces Searcher", "Paths Across the Country", "The Black Galley", "Shadows and Schemen"
  • Grumble, Anneliese (born?) - "I am the rabbit", "A woman in her mid-30s"
  • Gabriel, Monika (1943 - 2007) - "The dress", on the trail of the perpetrator "," The seventh year ", Berlin around the corner" (departure 1971)
  • Glöss, Ruth (1928 - 2014) - "Dance on Saturday - Murder?", "The Pictures of the Witness Schattmann", "Märkische Forschungen", "Old Heart Goes on a Journey" - she played a lot of theater roles
  • Gregorek, Karin (Born in 1941) - "The prickly animal - unbelievable", "Time to live", "Zernik corpse matter", "Living with Uwe", "Johannes Kepler", "Trini", "Man against Man", "Burns", " Your unknown brother "," One bear the burden of the other ... "
  • Gröllmann, Jenny (1947 - 2006) - "Stories of that night", "I was nineteen", "Network", "Do you know Urban?", "Broddi", "The escape", "Your unknown brother", "Somebody goes before them Dogs". "Hot goods in Berlin", "Half of life", "The bush ghost"
  • Grube-Deister, Elsa (1926 - 2001) - "Sheriff Teddy", "The bewitched fishing village", "Carbide and sorrel", "Roads across the country", "Young woman from 1914", "Everyone dies for himself", "Apaches", "Me force yourself to live "," Levins Mill "," Rechlin family "," The unknown grandfather "


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