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1 Wolfgang Därr Maldives With unusual tours of discovery, personal favorite places and a separate travel map. Free download: Updates & current extra tips from the author

2 Sources of information Information on the Internet If you research information about the Maldives using Internet search engines, you will find a wealth of websites in German. Many are personal travel reports, others claim to provide objective information and take into account the latest developments. To get really reliable information, you should compare the information several times. Almost all hotels have their own websites, but most of them are not up to date. The official website of the Maldives Tourist Office provides information on travel and entry requirements, accommodation and leisure activities. Also in German. The Maldives are an Islamic country; This page offers interesting facts about religion, but also interesting facts such as current dates of the holidays. Information points ... for Germany, Austria and Switzerland Maldives Government Tourist Information Office Aschaffenburger Straße 96 g D Seligenstadt Tel Tourist information on the Maldives The Maldives Tourism Promotion Board provides information on all tourist facilities in the country. It is located on Male in the building of the Ministry of Tourism: information, tips, travel reports, pictures and a forum for everyone who is interested in the islands. Informative and comprehensive. Malediven / countrycam-0.html Here you will find current pictures of beaches, diving schools and a view of the weather. Website of a local travel agency that is exceptionally full of texts and information and offers good links. Boduthakurufaanu Magu (Marine Drive) Tel Another office has been set up in the arrivals hall of the airport on Hulhule. Maps and books Since the islands of the Maldives are small, the fold-out plan in this travel guide is sufficient unless you want to sail through the atolls. For this purpose, special nautical charts are required, which are available in relevant specialist bookshops. Many of the following books can be found in the bookstore in front of Male Airport. 18th

3 Diving guides You can find good information in regular Maldives specials in the magazines “Aquanaut”, “Diving” and “Unterwasser”. Amsler, Kurt: Diving Guide Maldives. Jahr Verlag, book of the magazine "Diving", Hamburg The large format book shines with beautiful photos and excellent graphic representations. Anderson, Dr. R. C .: Diver's Guide to the Sharks of the Maldives. Novelty Printers and Publishers, Male, dive guide specializing in shark diving. Harwood, Sam / Bryning, Rob: Maldives. Delius Klasing, Bielefeld Most comprehensive description of diving areas in the Maldives in German. James, Larry / Schulz-Eppers, Axel: diving guide Maldives. BLV, Munich Ari, North and South Male Atoll. Lots of interesting tips for divers. Weather and travel time Climate The Maldives have pleasant, hot and sunny weather in midsummer all year round. From a purely statistical point of view, the annual rainfall within the Maldives decreases evenly from south to north. In addition, the average daily sunshine duration is longer in the northern regions, because the rain falling there comes down in heavier showers and in a shorter time than near the equator. The further north, however, the more pronounced are the seasonal temperature differences. While on Male and south of it all year round almost the weather and travel time Photo books Ellis, Royston / Amarasinghe, Gemunu: A Maldives Celebration. Maldivian Ministry of Tourism. Photo book with lots of background information. Valdés, Giuliano: The wonderful world of the Maldives. Bonechi publishing house. The illustrated book contains many large-format pictures but little text. Viedebannt, Klaus / Voigtmann, Herwarth: Maldives dream islands in the Indian Ocean. Bucher Verlag Nice and compact with great underwater photos. Further reading tips Ellis, Royston: A man for all Islands. Times Editions publisher. Biography of Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, Ex-President of the Maldives. Françoise Hauser, Ed .: Journey to the Maldives, cultural compass for hand luggage. Unionsverlag Amusing, exciting and historical about the islands in the Indian Ocean. If the same day and night temperatures prevail, they fluctuate a few hundred kilometers further north (Shaviyani Atoll or Raa Atoll) between 33 C in July, August and 28 C in February and March. The humidity appears to be quite high with an average of around 80%, but is generally well tolerated thanks to a constant breeze from the sea. Travel time No matter when you go on vacation to the Maldives, you will experience sunny days and warm nights most of the time. The shade temperatures will not rise above 33 C and not below 26 C 19 during the day

4 travel information is covered. At night the temperature does not rise above 26 C and does not drop below 23 C. During the months June to October the risk of experiencing cloudy and rainy days is higher than in the rest of the year. January, February and March are considered the best months to travel (high season) as the air and water are clear, the sky is cloudless and there is little wind. As always, exceptions confirm the rule! What has to be in the suitcase? On the vacation islands, bathing suits and trunks are the most important items of clothing. We recommend bathing shoes that are on the beach and in the water from injuries from sharp corals or the like. protect. Guests should appear normally dressed for meals. For dinner men, light, long trousers and a short-sleeved shirt look good; a clean T-shirt is generally accepted. Climate diagram Male J F M A M J J A S O N D Average daytime temperatures in C Average night temperatures in C Average water temperatures in C Sun hours / day Rainy days / month The women should keep their shoulders covered. Anyone who wants to do more makes a good impression with a light, long dress or long skirt. Please note that the wait staff is Muslim and that women at home have to follow strict dress codes. For the sake of the environment Until a few decades ago, people in the Maldives were part of nature; they lived in and with it without disturbing it. If an island got out of whack, people moved to a neighboring island and gave it time to regenerate. The problems that arise today due to mountains of rubbish, oil tanks, car and electronic scrap must be solved under new conditions. The Maldives cannot adopt the methods of the industrialized countries, for example in Europe the equilibrium is much more stable due to the large number of endemic plants and animals. In the Maldives, on the other hand, even small interventions can lead to overturning and the destruction of an island biotope. We can help to keep the problems we create to a minimum: We use little fresh water, because it has to be produced with energy use and environmentally harmful with diesel generators. Create little waste, take any residual waste (not just your own spray cans!) Home with you, do not trample down bank vegetation, tolerate birds as an important part of the island's equilibrium, even if you find them disturbing, and you will not touch corals if you leave bathing shoes at home Respect corals by themselves! 20 DuMont RTB relaunch 2009 Maldives, 50 climate diagram Male, Stand B C M Y

5 Travel and means of transport Entry requirements Identification papers A passport that is valid for at least six months is required to enter the country. A residence permit of 30 days is automatically issued, which can be extended at the Department of Immigration in Male for a fee. Since 2012, every child traveling abroad has required their own travel document, regardless of age. Special permits Foreign tourists are allowed to stay on the approximately 100 touristic hotel islands as well as to visit Male, Gan and some selected fishing islands, which can be reached by ship in organized day trips from the resorts. The flight to the Addoo Atoll in the south of the country, where a British base was located until a few years ago, is also possible without any problems. Tourists who want to travel to islands that are exclusively inhabited by locals should obtain special permission from the Ministry of Atolls Administration (Fashanaa Building, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Male, Tel,). This must be requested in writing. Customs It is prohibited to import alcohol or video cassettes, DVDs and magazines with pornographic content in the event of severe fines. What is pornographic is judged by a censorship authority. The test can take a few months, which is why it is better to bring only empty cassettes for the video camera in their original packaging and only absolutely harmless magazines. Anyone who imports drugs can expect jail time. The importation of weapons, harpoons for underwater hunting, pork and religious symbols is also prohibited. When leaving, the Washington Convention on the Protection of Species must be observed, which in particular forbids taking corals, reptiles, turtles and some plants with you. Souvenirs and gifts up to a value of 430 are duty-free when returning to the EU. Arrival ... by plane The charter airlines Condor and Air Berlin fly from Germany several times a week and from various airports to the Maldives. Both airlines offer non-stop connections to Male from Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Munich and Berlin (flight time: approx. 10 hours). Edelweiß Air flies non-stop from Zurich. The airlines Qatar Airways, Emirates and Etihad each make a stopover of 2 to 3 hours in the Arabian Gulf. This results in an inexpensive way to spend a few days in the booming cities of Doha, Abu Dhabi or Dubai on the way there or back. In addition, Air Lanka flies several times a week to Male and then on to Colombo / Sri Lanka. Therefore, a booking with this airline is advisable for those who want to combine the Maldives trip with a visit to Sri Lanka. 21

6 Travel information With the motorized dhonis goods and people are transported Be careful with dubious bargain trips with scheduled airlines! These are offers that include security standards, convenience, punctuality, transfer requirements, service and travel time, including organized island hopping Since it is rather impossible to spontaneously find accommodation on an island on the Maldives, you have to include the travel route when you are island hopping Plan and book the accommodation in advance. If you would like to leave the travel organization to a professional, you can ask the local agency Secret Paradise for a planned island hopping with ferry transfers and accommodation in guest houses on local islands ( Stopovers in Moscow, Sofia or Karachi are disadvantageous. These scheduled airlines include: Aeroflot, Balkan Air, Pakistan International. Transfer to the islands After leaving the arrival hall on Hulhule you go to a covered area where about 40 small stands are lined up. Each stand is numbered and a board shows which agency, which tour operator or which hotel will receive its guests there. From there, the guests are taken to the jetty 100 m away, where the ship is waiting to take the group to their island. When traveling to a distant island, a minibus takes guests to the Inter Island Terminal, where the seaplanes wait for them to fly to their island. 22nd