What happens when a planet is reversing

Retrograde Mercury: The Consequences & Changes

by Stephanie Ernst
Mercury retrograde can cause disturbances and misunderstandings. GALA explains what the phenomenon means for us and how you can master this phase.

Declining Planets: The Importance In Astrology

Do you know the feeling when things suddenly stop working, how it should go? Then it feels like someone has thrown you off course. This is exactly what can happen when planets declining become. The retrograde symbolizes Disruptions: Things don't work out the way we used to. It seems like we have that in life Reverse gear switched on - we are not making good progress.

The range in which we have to expect these fluctuations depends on the respective planet. Because in astrology every planet stands for other areas of life that are affected when it turns retrograde. A retrograde Mercury is particularly feared because it symbolizes some essential topics and properties that affect each of us.

Mercury retrograde: what's changing?

For astrologers, Mercury is a symbol for Communication, understanding, knowledge and also technology. Accordingly, it is precisely these areas that can cause difficulties when it goes into decline. We fight with Misunderstandings, find it harder to express ourselves, somehow no longer make progress with new projects then the technology also fails from today to tomorrow. These are typical phenomena that Mercury retrograde can cause. Important: Communication is not just about spoken words. Problems can also arise when writing.

The retrograde also always stands for a Return to the past. So don't be surprised if you get a message from one Ex boyfriend to get. Or if the boss brings up a mistake that you made some time ago (and perhaps hoped it would fall by the wayside - unfortunately not!).

Fortunately, we can prepare well with a little research: At the beginning of the year, it is quick and easy to find out online when Mercury will go retrograde this year. Mercury retrograde comes around on average three times a year in front. It takes about three weeksuntil the planet of communication and knowledge is back on track.

Mercury retrograde: what is happening in the solar system?

Anyone who knows a little about the solar system knows exactly: A planet can never backwards wander through the universe. The astrological designation of the retrograde planet is not entirely incorrect, however: it is one apparent retrograde. It comes about because the earth moves (relatively speaking) faster than the planet at certain times. This makes it seem as if the said planet is lagging behind the earth backwards.

A similar scenario is likely to everyone motorist Look familiar: When you overtake a car on the motorway, it seems as if the other car is sliding backwards - as if it were reversing. Of course you and the other car are both moving forward. But through yours position and through the Speed ​​difference Nevertheless, the impression of driving backwards arises. And it is similar with the planets.

Are there also positive aspects?

Even if Mercury retrograde starts with something problematic consequences associated - positive developments are also conceivable. In the retrograde phase, you will likely be confronted with the past - and that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Maybe a former lover will get in touch and They find each other again. Or you hear something from an old friend whom you have always valued.

Also in Job area could be positive - you might get an offer from a former boss who offers you a job. It may also be you rediscover an old project for yourselfwhat once gave you joy. It may be worthwhile to tackle the idea again here.

So: stay open-minded and just let things come your way!

This is how you survive the critical phase

Just because Mercury retrograde symbolizes disturbances and problems, you don't necessarily have to enter. At least not if you are at this time are more careful and be patient when it comes to communication. Rather understand this time as a little warning and not as a predefined fate.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Pay attention to your tone: in the retrograde phase, we often appear different than we think.
  • Take a close look at the small print - otherwise there is a risk of unpleasant surprises.
  • Whenever you start a whole new project, you should double-check all the numbers and times. Carelessness is particularly typical here.
  • If you work a lot on your computer or laptop, you should definitely back up important documents regularly. Crashes and technical failures are typical of Mercury retrograde.
  • You can avoid problems when traveling by being extra punctual and taking a lot of time packing - so that nothing is forgotten.

Warning, these zodiac signs are particularly affected

The zodiac sign Virgo and the zodiac sign Gemini will feel a retrograde Mercury particularly clearly. Because Mercury is the associated ruling planet, which has a very intense influence on the two zodiac signs. But everyone else should also be careful when Mercury goes retrograde - we can all feel the effects and consequences - no matter what zodiac sign you were born under!

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