How do I write a good satire

Characteristics of satires

You come across satires, which used to be called ridicule, in newspapers, on television and also on the Internet. Everyday topics are treated and discussed in them in a funny or derisive way.

Satires have the following characteristics:

  • derisive / comical representation of criticism
  • Obviously bad is portrayed as something good
  • Exaggeration or understatement as a stylistic device
  • different forms: cabaret, glosses, caricature etc.

All forms have in common that the viewer, reader or even listener is made aware of grievances and is thus asked to think about them.

You will get to know two special forms here ...


A caricature (ital. Caricare = overloaded) is a drawing that often problems in a fun way our world represents. To attract attention, the drawings are often exaggerated. With each picture, the cartoonist expresses his opinion and tries to question something. The image portrayed in the caricature must be deciphered by the viewer.

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