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Your Favorite Album by Your Favorite Rappers (Sido & Harris) (2005)

Just genius!!!

Despite the hard texts (according to the warning on the CD) a simply successful title constellation of two singing / rapping / speaking text talents of the German HIP HOP! Just genius! I especially like the text of "Get up again"! The passages "You have a goal, when you have a dream, make it come true and you are no longer just an onlooker! But speak for themselves and there is no need for further interpretation! Sido and Harris just say it straight out and don't put it in." "Watte", which we all think somewhere, but for social reasons we don't dare to say it out loud! You name the social grievances! At EMINEM, for example, many don't understand the lyrics, but also in American Hip Hop is just as rough and coarse as German HIP HOP. Germany is in no way inferior to the USA! Personally, the music on this CD does not encourage me to take DRUGS or to trivialize their consumption. I feel too The women who feel addressed or even insulted / discriminated against by these texts should rethink their lives and then ask themselves why they are d If you feel addressed, of all things. Surely you can only feel addressed as a Schl ... if you live your life like that! Read full review