How is Lithuania for architecture

Any location: weekend house in Lithuania

The 23 m² large, optically light volume with two beds for four people, a living room, kitchen and bathroom rises on slim steel legs with variable heights on a gently sloping hill with a view of the lake.
Local construction work is not required for the ŠA Atelier modular system. The structure and the individual parts such as floors, walls and roof can be delivered separately or already assembled, depending on the situation and location. The architects use uncolored metal for the structure and facade, so that all modules have a unique pattern. The roof was designed to look like it was floating in the wind. It protects the small building from the heat of the sun and, thanks to its shape, catches rainwater and diverts it to the lower level.

A short side of the elongated hut consists of a floor-to-ceiling glass front. On the opposite side, a foldable glass wall opens onto an outside terrace with a view of the lake. The house can be entered via a small ramp that leads to the terrace. A narrow, rectangular window in a side wall at the height of the kitchen unit provides a little daylight when the generous glass openings are closed with thick curtains for more intimacy.

The interior was designed individually for the "019 Cabin". As a contrast to the metal facade, the interior walls are lined with a warm, natural plywood surface. The space-saving pieces of furniture are changeable and allow a small family to spend a weekend in the middle of nature.