Why do you follow religion

Material for religious education


Here you will find accompanying materials for the publication “Engagiert für Religion” of the model project “Perceiving and accompanying religion in secondary and comprehensive schools” by the Confederation of Protestant Churches in Lower Saxony.

The publication “Engagiert für Religion” can be obtained from the RPI Loccum online shop.

You will find all materials that are assigned to the following practical examples of the publication on the right-hand side:

2.1. Project lessons / project days

  • Longing stool
  • Developing a Children's Church Leader
    Children's church guide in the town church of Bückeburg
  • Churches tell of faith
  • Monastery goes to school
    Psalm cards

2.2. Elective courses

  • Meeting WPK refugees - building bridges, shaking hands
    Guidelines for creating a portfolio
    Lesson draft "Diaconal Action"

  • WPK Together - for one another
    Notes on the task and assessment criteria for an oral examination

2.4. Parish and school

  • School service: which star are you following?
    Text of the allusion

2.5. School emergency

  • Development of a mourning concept for the school
    Inventory list for a mourning suitcase