What is the best food for children

Cooking for children - the best recipe ideas


Cooking for children

Spaghetti, fish fingers and pancakes - children could probably eat these every day. In our recipes we try the little ones' favorite dishes to take up and with lots of fresh vegetables, fruit and salad to vary. Here you will find the most beautiful ideas with meat, fish and vegetarian, with which the time together at home is really delicious, colorful and varied.


What can I cook for children?

triesas balanced as possible to cook and always include some vegetables, salad or fruit in the dish. For example, if you are planning a pasta casserole, there is a colorful salad as a side dish. Do your children want pancakes? Then combine the dessert with fresh fruit. A portion of apples, berries & Co. also tastes delicious with dessert yoghurt and also provides the kids with vitamins.

Our best ideas at a glance:

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A weekly planner will help you prepare!

If you have selected a variety of recipes, it is worth creating a menu. With our Weekly planner to print out you can easily distribute the meals over the week, have an overview of your supplies and structure your shopping better.

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Simple and tasty recipes for children

Which kid doesn't love it? Irresistibly delicious mashed potatoes. It can also be prepared with potatoes from the day before, but is also very quick fresh and is also inexpensive. In combination with crispy fish or meatballs and crunchy vegetables, it is an absolute favorite that your kids can't say no to.

Pan-fried dishes with meat, vegetables or fish and practical one-pot recipes are also great for everyday cooking with children.


Vegetarian cooking for children

An extra portion of vegetables, please! The vegetarian kitchen also offers many recipe ideas for children. For example, colorful baked vegetables with creamy herb quark or hummus. Whatever goes: Vegetable casserole with zucchini, bell pepper and potatoes or rice from the day before. It is quick to prepare and tastes good to the whole family!


Sometimes it can be sweet too!

A sweet lunch brings variety and makes children's eyes shine. The little ones will definitely want a look from our spaetzle with apple wedges. You will also love the rice pudding with sour cherries. Our recipe for banana pancakes also satisfies the sweet tooth and keeps you full for a long time. Do you still have rolls that you can use? Then your family is guaranteed to be happy about a juicy cherry michel!

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