Has any positive affirmations changed your life?

Why your affirmations are having no effect

You are what you think Your life reflects to you every day what you believe.

This is not a question of faith, but a law of nature. The placebo effect is the best evidence of this, at least for anyone who needs evidence;)

Albert Einstein put it this way:

Everything is energy, and nothing more can be said about it. If you tune into the frequency of the reality you are striving for, then you cannot prevent it from manifesting. It can't be any other way. It's not philosophy. That's physics.

Every thought that you think regularly - whether consciously or not - is an affirmation. Through the naturalness with which you think him (you don't question him), he gets life and “becomes independent”. If it has a positive effect on your life, that's wonderful, but many thoughts create blockages, problems and suffering. They have become beliefs and what you are convinced of, you will find again in your reality.

But then why is it not just as easy the other way round? You consciously decide on new helpful thoughts, are full of joy and confidence that you can influence your life and then ... nothing happens ... nothing changes. Everything remains as it is. Totally frustrating!

First of all, it is important that you do not overload yourself with your new beliefs, but choose those that are really important to you at this moment. You feel what has priority because you are constantly concerned with it. This also helps you not to forget your affirmations again and again.

If your affirmations are not working, then they have not reached your heart and that will be because:

• You don't find out about your blockage
• You cannot find the right sentence for you
• You do not fill your affirmation with life
• You get stuck in desires
• The will is in the foreground

I will make this clear using the example of “professional success” in such a way that you can transfer and apply it to your personal topic:

Suppose you are self-employed or you want to take a step up your career ladder. You struggle, you work a lot, but whatever you do or try - nothing changes. You are not successful in your self-employment or the career ladder always seems to only have a way up for others.

Perhaps you are already working with affirmations and you say to yourself every day, one way or another: “I attract success. I am successful. I achieve my goals. " And it is precisely these sentences that often remain ineffective because you are doing step 5 before step 1 and you do not know the cause of your "unsuccessful". It is important that you get to the cause, because something is blocking your success.

Find out what is really blocking you

These are often deep-seated beliefs and fears that you have lived with for a long time or that had a certain trigger, a deep injury for example. Sit down, take your time and get inside yourself. First, connect with the feelings that this issue triggers in you and allow these feelings to occur, even if they are probably uncomfortable. Thoughts also come to you - about yourself and the success you wish for. What do you think of yourself And how have these thoughts affected your life so far?

- The feeling that comes up is fear. Fear of positioning yourself clearly, being present, and being heard.

- You can combine the feeling with an experience in the past when exactly what happened, what you are afraid of. You have been hurt and felt exposed.

- Your beliefs are: I am not good enough. Others are more competent. I will get hurt again.

- This has led to the fact that you have not recognized your performance yourself and have hidden yourself and your competence more than shown it.

Find the right sentence for you

If you are aware of your blocking thoughts, you have also found YOUR approach and can move away from any blanket affirmations like I AM SUCCESSFUL, because you probably won't believe yourself in Momnet anyway. Replace your beliefs with new ones and try them out. The problem is often that we think we have found a good sentence, but it does not reach the heart. Then he won't help you. When a sentence hits the heart, it hits the core and will manifest. You can feel it when it is the right sentence for you - there is something liberating about it when you say it or think it. (If you don't find it right away, it doesn't matter. Then you just leave the blocking thoughts out for the time being and forbid yourself to think them. That works very well! Over time you will find the right beliefs.)

- I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH becomes I AM GOOD AS I AM, instead of: “I am wonderful and talented”.

- OTHERS ARE MORE COMPETENT becomes MY GREATEST STRENGTH IS IT, .. instead of: “Everything I do is successful”.


These are just examples. You can really use any affirmation for yourself, of course also “I am wonderful and talented” or “Everything I do is successful” or “As of today I am invulnerable” and “I am a superstar”, really everything;) , but only when you manage to dissolve your blocking thoughts - which are in the way - these sentences will be able to work, only then can they become a real conviction.

Fill your affirmations with life

Many people dutifully recite their affirmations but don't give them energy. So the most important question is: What can you do to make what you want to happen? Very few things just fall from the sky. If you want to lose weight and say to yourself, "I lose my pounds with ease," it will be very counterproductive if you stick to your old diet. That's why you need these sentences that you feel because they help you support your affirmation with your behavior.

In our example it continues like this:

- The new sentence: I AM GOOD AS I AM is part of your flesh and blood and that leads to the fact that you are overall more self-confident, more relaxed and more sovereign.

- IT IS MY BIGGEST STRENGTH ... causes you to stop making yourself small and to recognize your own achievement for it. You also felt like expanding your skills.

- OF THOSE WHO INJURY OTHERS, I DON'T LET THE FLOOR PULL OUT FROM UNDER YOUR FEET ANY MORE, this leads to the fact that you often dare to position yourself clearly and to stand up for yourself or to become visible with your product.

This is how your affirmations get energy and life - they manifest. Every new belief brings a lot of positive things with it, which then sort of take care of themselves. It's like a chain reaction. Then nothing stands in the way of the superstar;)

Don't phrase your affirmations as a wish

Because then it will remain a wish. Make a decision out of the affirmation. So instead of: “I wish myself success”, make the decision: “Everything I need to be successful comes to me” as an example.

Get rid of wanting something too much and too badly

Of course your willpower is very, very essential to achieve your goals, but it often sounds like this: I WANT TO HAVE: Success, money, partners, happiness.

The way to the goal, i.e. the willingness to do something for it and the clarity (!) Of what needs to be done, is missing. You are only focused on the goal. Sometimes it actually works, but these people often just as quickly lose what they have achieved because they are totally overwhelmed with the reality they wanted. Give yourself time to grow into your goals!

According to the laws of physics, a bumblebee cannot fly. But the bumblebee doesn't know - it just flies. Mary Kay Ash


This blog post is not a substitute for coaching, but I hope it helps you bring your affirmations into your heart and into your reality. I wish that he will open a door for you and make you aware that with mental strength - used wisely - you can grow beyond yourself and that boundaries that you have considered insurmountable will become smaller and smaller.

Your believe - it's the most powerful thing! Your Nicole


Think wisely. Be demanding. Be happy.

I'm Nicole! As a personality trainer and coach, I strengthen your feminine personality and support you to develop so much inner strength and serenity that you can make your decisions with clarity and self-confidence.

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  1. Good evening,

    I have to create a kind of “silent subliminals” myself. However, on the subject of “body size-getting smaller”. The problem is that I don't know what kind of sentence would fit the topic, how I could formulate it If you have any ideas or tips, thank you in advance!
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    1. Hello Dragana, sorry for the late reply, but we had problems here on our server. What exactly do you mean by “getting smaller”?
      Kind regards, Nicole