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Full of vigor and always on the move. Aldy Rizal. The little one from Sumatra, only eight years old. But already two lives. Aldy was once the youngest chain smoker in the world. It had to be 40 cigarettes a day, back then as a two-year-old.

Aldy Rizal:

“I was always happy about cigarettes. They tasted better than chocolate. Smoking is for adults, everyone has always said. But I thought I was grown enough already. Also: my father said cigarettes are good. So I started too. "

Aldy and I are old friends. We met for the first time five years ago. That's how we got to know him: as a chain-smoking toddler. Aldy could barely speak. But smoking cigarettes like a big guy. One at a time, two boxes a day. And when there weren't any, he wriggled, cried, and screamed.

Ardi Rizal, two year old chain smoker:

Fluppe instead of bottle: How it started back then - nobody wants to remember. Except that Aldy took his first pulmonary draw when he was 18 months old.

Diana Rizal, mother:

“At some point I didn't know what to do. If Aldy didn't have anything to smoke, then he was causing a lot of trouble, he was hammering his head against the wall or the floor. He was beside himself. So I thought: All right, I'd rather give him one. "

The air is smoky, the sun glowing like a glowing stick: Jakarta, Indonesia's capital. Welcome to the last smoker's paradise on earth. You can smoke almost everywhere. And almost everyone does.

The tobacco industry sells billions of cigarettes annually. But too many, experts warn, end up in the hands of young people and children.

Priyo Sidipratomo, Doctor & Activist:

“That scares me. Especially because more and more children are smoking with us. It is so easy to get your hands on cigarettes. They are cheap. You don't even have to save on a box. You can buy them individually. Even as a child. And nobody asks. "

The cigarette companies have discovered the country as the world's most important future market. Also because politics let them go. Advertisements for cigarettes can be found at every intersection. The campaigns target young adults. But also reach children. Cool, exciting, full of action. That pulls.

The World Health Organization estimates that 10,000 children start smoking in Indonesia every day. Health experts predict that there will be around 30 million additional smokers in the next 10 years. Almost immeasurable numbers. With dramatic consequences: there is a massive risk of cancer, heart and lung ailments. Indonesia is heading for a disaster.

Priyo Sidipratomo, Doctor & Activist:

“Smoking will destroy our whole country. If the young people start today, they will be sick in 30 years. Health care costs will rise dramatically. It's going to be a huge problem for Indonesia. "

On average, Indonesians start smoking at the age of seven. Western brands in particular are attractive to young people. But it often starts with local clove cigarettes. Sweet as candy. But extremely strong. With a lot of tar, a lot of nicotine.

Quitting is almost impossible. There are no therapies - or they are priceless for many.

Smoking kids:

“Sure, I'm worried. I just can't get away I'm already addicted. "

This is where tobacco comes from: Temangung, on Java, the land of the cigarette barons. The area lies between two volcanoes. Someone has been sleeping for centuries. The other one smokes as lively as the people here.

Heriyanto, the tobacco farmer, smoked his first cigarettes in kindergarten.

Heriyanto, tobacco farmer:

Not smoking here would be really strange. Tobacco is part of our life. If someone offers me rice or a cigarette, I would always take the cigarette. Smoking is more important than eating.

The tobacco lobby is as powerful as a cigarette without a filter. And the government shows little interest in protecting young people from tobacco. Jobs, taxes - the state earns money on every pull. This is how business flourishes, as beautiful and colorful as the tobacco plants in the fields.

The tobacco farmers are devout Muslims. It's ramadan No eating, no drinking, no cigarette before sunset. In the evening, however, the lungs are full again. There is smoking, smoking and puffing.

Here, too, many started when they were eight or nine years old. Even the youngest extol the benefits of unbridled smoking.

Smoking kids:

I started when I was 13. I thought about the first cigarette. No, doesn't taste good. But the longer you smoke, the better you feel.

One more time to Sumatra. Aldy last smoked two years ago. He was in Jakarta for therapy. More vitamins instead of nicotine. More toys instead of lighter. The doctors' advice helped: the rampaging smoker has become a lively boy with a charming smile.

Maybe even a role model.

Aldy Rizal:

“I told my friends that chocolate tastes better. Let's stop Smoking is not good. Anyone who smokes becomes a bandit. But we should become something. "

Author: Philipp Abresch / ARD Studio Singapore

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