Why are some Christian apologists attacking Islam?

Defense of the Faith

How can you defend the Christian faith when Muslims attack it?

How can Christians challenge and shake Muslims in their faith and invite them to Christ?

This page will provide you with information on this with German and English video clips. As a Muslim you should face these videos mentioned here and let yourself be challenged to rethink your previous beliefs. You can only find real peace and certainty in Jesus Christ. Come Home to the Truth!


This link will help them Trinity Muslims to explain in 3 steps.


You can find a short one via this linkArgumentation aid against forgery of the Bible

Learn how to respond to Muslims' allegations of Bible forgery.


Lack of discussion with abusive video

The English language vicious video "The innocence of Muslims" from 2012 caused a lot of resentment among Muslims. Some Muslims then murdered at least 30 people, including an American ambassador in Libya. The amateur staging is loveless, repulsive and shocking. Western media reject the film across the board, but do not deal with the content. Why? The film drew at least 80% of its content from the Koran, Sunna and other Islamic sources. That should actually give the media, journalists and Muslims pause for thought. As far as we know, these are nowhere to be found on the actual content and its sources. The reason why the German media shy away from this research may be due to the fear of being attacked by Muslims, or of being viewed as xenophobic or of being pushed into the right-hand corner. But we're doing ourselves a disservice. Islam has also spread in many countries, claim some converts who have left Islam and now live in Germany. In her opinion, our media must be bolder when it comes to the truth. A few Christians analyzed the content. This can be accessed on YouTube on the channels: “youareAFJC innocence”, “alhayattvnet innocence” and “Pfandermedia”.


Practice criticism of Islam?
Christians should not stir up conflicts with Muslims. But with her book, the Koran, the conflict is preprogrammed: since it contradicts central statements of the Bible, Christians have to contradict it. Who z. B. does it on the Internet, is sometimes strongly rejected by Muslims. The tone of voice leaves a lot to be desired from time to time. This is due to the fact that the participants are allowed to comment anonymously and some therefore put aside any shyness and consideration ... [… Continue reading]


“Bible and Koran” team in German


A member of the “Bible and Koran” team saw some of his friends become Muslims. They justified their move by stating that they could not find a reply on YouTube to the Muslims' claim that Mohammed was already announced in the Bible. This is how these videos came about. Very factual, very scientific, very well-founded. His video channel can be found at:

http://www.youtube.com/user/BibelundKoranTeam?feature=watch or www.bibelundkoran.com

2 legends in the Koran
Where did Mohammed get his stories for the Koran from? The two videos of the Bible and the Quran list Quran sources from Jewish, Christian and pagan legends that existed before the Quran: Part 1

www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJM_9pWjI28; Part 2: www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4vH_mgXHfU


30 culture tips video:




Part 1: Can Mohammed be found in the Old Testament as Muslims claim?

Part 2: Can Mohammed be found in the New Testament as Muslims claim?

Violence in the New Testament: Violence in Mohammed and Jesus in comparison:

Violence in the Old Testament

Is the Quran from Allah or Mohammed?


An article on the topic: "Is God Violent?"


MemraTV in German


Sabatina James in German

Sabatina James, herself a Pakistani woman, has had a long history of suffering: forced marriage, violence and flight. She criticizes Islam with its own sources. Mrs. James is a brave woman. She is under the personal protection of the police. A video channel with her as the speaker can be found on youtube.com under “alhayattvnet”.


Who is jesus Film adaptation of our treatise

Jesus is very special, different, much greater. He was born of a virgin, completely sinless, his name Jesus and Christ are programs, he died, rose again, judge, king and advocate.

You can find the tract here.



Robert010664 gives Pierre Vogel answers in German and Persian

Was Jesus God or a Prophet? Did Paul introduce the doctrine of the Trinity?


In the ERF Medien TV program “Mensch, Gott!” Barino tells how he found his way out of the pull of Islam - what moved him to leave Islam and become a Christian. What shaped him as a Muslim was the close connection between spirituality and the ideology of violence. He explains this radicalization with a kind of religious hypnosis, in which there is no longer any thought, but only blind allegiance is appropriate. The more he read in the sources of Islam, the more he was shocked by the judgments of Muhammad z. B. in dealing with adulteresses, and the suggestion of an imam to practice violence against humans on animals. When he tried to refute the Bible, he began to read the Bible himself. He realized that Jesus was speaking about God in the right way. He could only say yes and amen to him. With him he could feel at home. He tells how he died a social death after becoming a Christian. The mosque forbade any contact with him.

or the YouTube channel: "MenschGottTV"



Jay Smithin english

Jay Smith, a leading apologist of the Christian faith against Muslims, publicly shows caricatures by the cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo in London's Hyde Park. The courageous contribution - in his YouTube video from January 11th, 2015 - is written in English:

or via the YouTube channel “Pfanderfilms”.

Smith holds up caricatures of Hebdo for all to see. They denigrate the Christian faith and he is outraged about it. He asks whether the Christians present also feel hurt and offended by these cartoons. "Yes," he gets to hear. He also asks whether Hebdo workers should be killed for it. The answer comes from the audience: No!

After holding up some anti-Islam caricatures by Hebdo, he asks whether Muslims find them as offensive as he does himself. "Yes," he gets to hear. Smith continues to shout, “We must endure insults!” The Muslim prophet is insulted, but for Christians there is an even bigger insult: Jesus, God Himself is insulted. "Still, we allow it," comments Smith. He shows a Koran and asks whether it entitles the assassins in Paris to murder like this. He opens the Koran and reads Sura 33,56,57,61, passages about those who ridicule Muhammad with a call to kill them. The Koran motivates Islamic assassins to do just that. In contrast, the Bible allows the humiliation and insult of Jesus Christ, his crown of thorns, his cross. Jesus replied: “Forgive them because they don't know what they are doing!” So ​​is Jesus, the Redeemer of the world!


We recommend. Factual and yet emotional. Jay Smith works as a missionary in London among radical Muslims who only want to follow the Koran, the Hadith and Mohammed. One tenth of the population of London are Muslims, one million people. Almost all of them speak English. Jay Smith is open about his work at Speakers ’Corner, Hyde Park, London, where he publicly discusses and challenges Muslims. His method is to stand on a small stepladder and challenge Muslims emotionally and with arguments in a subtle way. Jay Smith justifies this approach with the fact that Muslims make their faith public and Christians are usually very reluctant to live their faith. Muslims love to confront Christians. The Koran is full of such accusations against Christians and Jews. Muslims therefore attack the Bible and the Christian faith. Smith is rarely attacked physically, but every Sunday he is provoked by words and shouts. Paul himself set an example when he went from synagogue to synagogue in Acts 17-19 and confronted Jews with the truth. The Jews were not quietly reserved either, no, they attacked him, he was stoned twice and often expelled. It was obviously a very strong emotional and challenging way of getting the message across. Even if Paul was mistreated, we do not see in him that he acted maliciously, violently or even threatened. Jesus himself even openly accuses the Pharisees of being evil (Mt 23:13, 33). A very disturbing, emotion-inducing appearance!

The other side is that the louder it gets at Jay Smith, the more visitors come and listen to him. The point is always that Muslims take offense at the content of the Christian message. If Muslims speak emotionally, so must Jesus' ambassadors. The films are in English and can be found as follows: www.youtube.com the terms "Worlds apart Jay Smith"Enter" in the search field and watch the 15-part series. Or his videos under: or “deconstructing Islam”. Additional videos and materials can be found on Jay Smith's website at www.debate.org.uk.

Here are some videos to get you started:

10-part series "Worlds apart Jay Smith" each lasting approx. 25 minutes:


8-part series "Deconstructing Islam“In short units of 5-10 minutes. After an introduction introducing Jay Smith, Jay begins to speak:


Jay Smith's tour, which he did, is of poor quality but valuable in terms of content in the British Museum in London there. Very revealing is shown in 22 clips how the Bible is confirmed by archaeological finds and the Koran is wrong in at least some of its facts:

These film sequences in the British Museum are available on 3 DVDs in a sleeve from www.222ministries.com


Jay Smith argues with Muslims in Hyde Park, London. Some recordings can be viewed on his video channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/PfanderFilms?ob=0&feature=results_main



David Faouzi and Nabeel Qureshiin english

A series of very easy-to-understand videos has been published in English aimed at providing Muslims with answers to their questions. These video clips are kept very short and friendly. The authors David Faouzi and Nabeel Qureshi are converts from Islam themselves and bring with them the greatest possible understanding of Muslim questions. In terms of content, the videos revolve around typically Muslim questions: the trustworthiness of the Bible, Jesus Christ in the Koran, crucifixion, the announcement of Muhammad in the Bible, etc. In addition, the logic of Muslim apologists is questioned, and the authors tell their own turn in life towards the Christian faith. Their website is: www.unchangingword.com

You can find the videos in his video channel at: www.youtube.com/user/unchangingword

You can see David Faouzi's first video here on the subject: Does the Koran say the Bible has been falsified?



ABN SAT getic videos: "Jesus or Mohammed" in English

Almost 90 videos on various topics are available on the ABN website and contain over 100 hours of film with a total size of approx. 36 gigabytes. These videos are intended to help Muslims and Christians who are helpless against Muslim propaganda to find the right path.

The gospel is explained clearly. Muslim allegations and some telephone inquiries from Muslims are answered by different authors. The defenders of the Christian faith know no taboos and sometimes attack Islamic teaching directly. Unfortunately, they overshoot the target in a few places, e.g. B. when it comes to polygamy in Islam or violence and terrorism. When watching, the impression can arise that the majority of Muslims live that way. In some places the speakers get very emotional and loud. This is certainly justified against an oriental background, but it seems rather repulsive to some in the West. The calls for donations for these programs may seem strange to German listeners, but should be understood from the American context. Criticizing Islamic teaching based on the Christian faith in a public, friendly and yet determined manner is urgently needed and can set an example.

Link: At www.abnsat.com select Islam / Apologetics. There you will find various options such as answering islam, debate night, jihad exposed, women in islam and particularly recommendable Jesus or Mohammed.

On the channel: www.abntube.com videos can also be downloaded on topics such as Answering Islam, atheism, debates with Islamic teachers, videos in Arabic, Kurdish, Aramaic, Chaldean and other languages.


Theo van Gogh / Ayaan Hirsi Ali: “Submission” in English

10-minute film by the Dutch Theo van Gogh, which was made in collaboration with the Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali. He talks about the experiences of Muslim women about abuse in the family, forced marriage, violence and oppression. In the Muslim world, these processes are often authorized with verses from the Koran. In the film this is represented by verses of the Koran that appear on the woman's body. Van Gogh was killed by a Muslim in 2004 because of this film. So far there is only this first part. Ms. Ali is under police protection. See www.youtube.com


Zakaria Botros in Arabic with English subtitles

Zakaria Botros is a Coptic priest from Egypt who is considered a leading Christian apologist worldwide. He has been declared the number one enemy of Islam by an Arab newspaper and Al Qaeda has put a $ 60 million bounty on him. In a loving and yet very, very clear way, he shows Muslims the weaknesses of the Koran and Muhammad. He mainly argues with Islamic sources, which he knows very well. Angry Muslims try to refute his statements and it happens again and again that they indignantly convert to the Christian faith from these sources. The video clips are in Arabic with English subtitles

On Youtube you can find z. B .:

The misfortune with the Koran:

see also channel: http://www.fatherzakaria.net/

Zakaria Botros in Turkish

You can find over 60 videos by Mr. Botros in Turkish under the link:



Answering Muslims

www.answeringmuslims.com Answering Muslims is a site with a lot of apologetic and polemical videos on Islam and Christianity. David Wood is one of many Christian keynote speakers who addressed various Islamic apologists in English. Definitely worth seeing. There are texts and videos on topics such as: Debates on Christian and Islamic topics, Jihad, Mohammed, Koran, videos and women's issues. There are several hundred videos available. The claims are supported by Islamic sources and are verifiable.

E.g. Here is a video about the question of whether the Quran should be burned or not. It becomes clear that the 3rd Caliph himself burned the first original Korans.