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Tricky hangman words for your game round

Whether as a board game or as an opportunity to playfully repeat vocabulary and technical terms: Hangman is not only one of the most popular word puzzles in this country. For the game, also known as “hangman” or “gallows guess”, you don't need to write more than something - and of course fellow players! There should be at least three of you so that letters can be suggested alternately. The larger the group and the larger their vocabulary, the faster the words are often found. Then the puzzle fun comes to an early end.

To prevent this, terms must be found that the group has to guess at for a long time. But at the same time they shouldn't be indissoluble. A challenge that you will master with flying colors - if you know what to look out for in order to find difficult words.

Familiarize yourself with the game mechanics!

Admittedly, Hangman cannot be compared in its complexity with games such as chess or even Go, but it is nevertheless advisable to an analytical look at the structure of the game to throw. This way you can see which words are being resolved quickly and why, and then plan appropriate countermeasures in order to find perfect hangman words! You will see, no second language is as ideal for gallows as German.

The gallows

No matter how detailed you draw the gallows and the male in the end, at least ten lines you will need in any case. This in turn means that your teammates can guess a maximum of nine incorrect letters because they would have lost the game with the tenth incorrect letter. If you now guess a letter that occurs several times in your word, you will uncover a large part of the term at once. The risk of naming the wrong letter is reduced because you can already recognize a lot more of the word and guess more precisely.

The right strategy

If your group is methodical, ideally they asks first all vowels from. The idea behind it: Almost every German word contains at least one A, E, I, O or U. Once the vowels are known, the whole word can sometimes be recognized by their sequence. To make this more difficult, you can either use terms with as many umlauts as possible - or words like "Type" and “Krk”. The latter is a small island in Croatia. These two words do not contain a single vowel. You have probably already drawn half the gallows before your group tries the first consonant. In contrast, go Terms with many umlauts the opposite way: They are written out in the hangman, similar to the crossword puzzle. Ä becomes AE, Ü becomes UE and so on. With this tactic there are suddenly more vowels. This will lure your group on the wrong track for now.

"Quotes" is not exactly one of the complicated German words (at least for native speakers), but it is still ideal for Hangman. Because in the hangman version it becomes: "Gaensefuesschen". The sharp S is also broken down into a double S, so you cause additional confusion!

Tapeworm words for top-class guessing fun

They are especially suitable for long-lasting puzzle fun and for guessing in large groups very long words, as these contain a lot of letters and your team members can guess a long time. Fortunately, the German language has a lot to offer in this regard; after all, it allows us to combine several nouns into a compound. There is no upper limit to how many words can be linked to a new term. As a popular example of the funny words we can invent like this, the "Danube Steamship Company" used: Although the word already contains five different nouns, it can be expanded as desired - for example like this:

The air burns among the members of the Danube Steamship Company! After the death of her husband, the Donau-Dampfschifffahrtsgesellschaft captain's widow cannot find the Donau-Dampfschifffahrtsgesellschaft captain's cabin key anywhere. Important documents are assumed to be in the Danube Steamship Company Captain's cabin, which should be used to determine the new Captain of the Danube Steamship Company.

But not every arbitrary compound is considered to be a “real” German word. Precisely because we can put all imaginable terms together, the number of letters in theory is unlimited and we can form all possible fantasy words. In practice, therefore, an entry in the Duden dictionary is usually assumed as a criterion for a word to be considered an actually existing word. At the moment, the longest word that can be found in the Duden is the "Motor vehicle liability insurance". It has 36 letters and even surpasses the 34 letters of the famous "Danube Steamship Company"which the Duden also knows by the way. For a full game of such terms, you can find the list of the longest words on the official Duden website.

These are the longest German words

If you like the "Motor vehicle liability insurance" If the guessing fun is not enough, you can really challenge your fellow players by using the list of the longest German words in the Duden corpus, which contains the longest German words of all time.

Real Estate Movement Permit Transfer of Responsibility Ordinance
Beef Labeling Supervision Task Transfer Act
Transport infrastructure finance company
Equilibrium density gradient centrifugation
Electricity Industry Organization Act
Vocabulary trainer learning success
Traffic Route Planning Acceleration Act
High performance liquid chromatography
Restriction fragment length polymorphism
Telecommunications Surveillance Ordinance
Corporate Tax Development Act


Since these words are mostly the names of laws, the Duden separates them from the longest words that have made it into the current edition of the spelling lexicon: The latter are simply long German words that you will find here and there in everyday life can encounter. The actually longest words, on the other hand, are technical terms from areas of science and law that are rarely used outside of their specialty. Your group will probably not know these words either. In view of the fact that these tapeworm words often contain a large part of the alphabet, you can first guess the blue and guess the individual components of the word without losing immediately.

From "Beef labeling monitoring task transfer law" was, for example, in the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania state law from 1999 to 2013. With its no less than 63 letters and the seven nouns it contains, it is not the longest German word, but because the two umlauts on the hangman make it two letters longer, it will probably keep you busy for a while . Once the word has been resolved, you can also really astonish your team a second time by threatening to add another 23 letters and a hyphen to the word you have already guessed. The law was called by its full name "Beef Identification and Beef Labeling Monitoring Task Transfer Act".

Antiquated terms, loan words and technical terms

You can also find particularly crazy words for hangman by doing a search for outdated terms, loan words and fancy Technical terms do. The less they are used in everyday life, the more difficult it becomes for the group to recognize them. With "Schemer" (for hangman rather "Raenkeschmied"), "Fisimatents", "Jackdaws" and Co., you can find out how well-versed your team is in recognizing outdated terms, which also often have their origins in a foreign language. To find loanwords that are still part of our everyday language use today, you can consult the list of difficult spelling words published by the Duden.

We have already put together a small excerpt from the list for you:

Castle dungeonoverture
Cleavagequartz watch
Corpus ChristiSleepy little one
outrageousfree of charge
jacketto pretend
Magnetic resonance imagingXanthippe
licenseYucca palm
Mixed pokezucchini


The majority of the technical terms also use a foreign language. They mostly have Latin or Greek roots, although many Anglicisms have recently been found in the MINT subjects (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, technology). They are especially practical for hangman all words borrowed from the Greek. With them you can bring into play the letters X and Y, which are rarely used in German, as well as PH and TH sequences. So that your team has a fair chance, you should only use foreign words that are at least familiar to some in the group. Otherwise frustration can quickly set in, which spoils the fun of guessing letters. For a tricky hangman with foreign words, those are best Terms that you know you all learned together at some point. So a biology course can be about "Deoxyribonucleic acid", the full term behind our "DNA". For a German class would again be depending on the topic "Imagery" respectively "Hyperbole" or even proper names like "Agamemnon" and "Iphigenia" an idea to repeat the most important terms for exams and tests while guessing the gallows.

The perfect hangman word: Not too difficult - but not too easy either!

So what the perfect hangman word looks like depends entirely on your group and, above all, on what they know and can recognize. The larger the group, the more often you can use long compounds. In this way, you ensure that all players have a turn in a round and can name a letter. If everyone involved has a common technical background, you can also use the common technical vocabulary - the more complicated the word, the better! For a mixed group and also for a change from one round to the next, it is worthwhile to ensure a balanced mix of words from all three categories:

  1. Words that are difficult to recognize due to their changed spelling (for guesswork).
  2. Compounds which, due to their length, cannot immediately be grasped as a whole.
  3. Antiquated terms, loan words and / or technical terms that are not used often in everyday life.

And who knows: maybe you will soon be asking too "Master optician", "Maedesuess" and "Xanthippe" for letter guessing of the extra class.