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Zebpay is an app-enabled cryptocurrency exchange and bitcoin wallet provider based in Singapore with headquarters in Malta. Zebpay is an innovative Indian start-up in the Bitcoin arena with its simple and easy to use Bitcoin wallet. There you only need your mobile phone number and your PIN. The wallet is available for both iOS and Android devices and has a multitude of additional functions that make the user experience rewarding and enjoyable. Users get access to discount coupons and can easily buy Bitcoin with a debit card.

ZebPay verification [edit]

The company was founded in late 2012 by Mahin Gupta under the name and is India's first bitcoin exchange. It was later renamed Zebpay in September 2014 and two more partners were added with Saurabh Agrawal and Sandeep Goenka.

Zebpay is India's first Bitcoin company to bring the simplest mobile Bitcoin wallet app to market, with which Bitcoin transactions using the mobile number can understand Bitcoin addresses without any complexity, create backups or run the risk of losing Bitcoins. With the Zebpay wallet app, users can buy, sell, store and spend Bitcoin using their mobile phone number and a four-digit PIN.

Zebpay became 2014 Voted Best New Bitcoin Company at CoinAgenda Conference in Las Vegas.

In September 2016 it was announced that Zebpay has made 100,000 downloads in both Android and iOS stores.

Zebpay scored in November 2016 a turnover of 500 rupees and a trade turnover of more than 100 rupees.

In December 2016 Sandeep Goenka conducted an interview with Rising Stars from Bloomberg TV India.

In December 2016 Zebpay has over 250,000 users.

How to use ZebPay? [Edit]

After verifying your account at, which can take a few minutes to a few days, you are now ready to buy BTC from them. A deposit of INR is required to purchase BTC. Below are a few ways to get INR into your Zebpay wallet.

  • Express transfer (Kotak Bank) - The minimum deposit for an express transfer from your bank account on is INR 21 and the maximum number is INR 1000.
  • Normal transfer - For a normal transfer, the minimum deposit is INR 5000 and the maximum number is INR 2000.
  • Payment short break - For payment gateways, the minimum amount is INR 2500 and the maximum is INR 50,000.

Deposits can be made using Netbanking, Credit / Debit Cards and Online SBI Internet Banking. It may take a few minutes for the balance to be posted to your Zebpay account. To verify your account, simply go to your wallet balance and click on Transaction Fees. Once your balance is displayed, you can now purchase BTC with one button. Please note that there are transaction fees when buying and selling BTC through your app.

ZebPay fees [edit]

Verified users can also transfer money from one account to the other with no fees, making it easier to connect between a network of users. This would be an easy way for families and friends to send money privately and the funds will be reflected in the email in an instant.

If a user intends to send BTC to another address, the transaction fee is 0.0002 BTC. If a user intends to sell their BTC, simply click "Sell" and the amount available under INR will be automatically updated to the current BTC price from BTC.

Verified users can also withdraw funds from their account and to their bank accounts. Make sure your bank account is linked to your Zebpay account before requesting bank withdrawals to avoid problems. The bank transfer fee is INR 10 per transaction.

The website makes money off of their BTC list. This means that as a trader, you don't have to worry about leverage, margin fees and nothing as all you have to do is deposit INR and buy BTC and you are all good. You can also sell your own BTC at the advertised price.

Properties [edit]

  • Platforms: iOS, Android;
  • Validation type: centralized;
  • Wallet Features: 2-factor authentication (2FA);
  • Url:;
  • Anonymity: medium;
  • Security: Third party encrypted;
  • Coins: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC;
  • User friendliness: Easy.

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